A Happy Rider with HorseClasses for children, teens and adults, from age 3 and up are held in an indoor or outdoor arena and are led by one of our PATH International Certified Instructors.  Classes can include grooming and tacking the horse, mounting and dismounting, and getting to know and feeling comfortable with the horse.  Good horsemanship includes more than the act of riding the horse.  Safe riding practices are continually stressed and the well-being of the rider is paramount.  Classes are designed to fit the individual rider and will be adjusted for any level of experience.

For current information about classes and how to register, please contact the office.

Session Information
  • Spring Session 2017: This session ends June 8th! 
  • Summer Session 2017:  There are two sessions this summer, Session #1 is June 26th-July20th, #2 is July 24th-August 24th.
  • Fall Session 2017: TBA
  • Winter Session 2017: TBA
RideAble Lessons

Monica Liles teaches three ridersThere is a limit of three to four students per lesson. Pricing:

  •     $25 per person per half hour for a group lesson
  •     $35 per person per hour for a group lesson
  •     $50 per person per hour for a private lesson
PetAble Lessons

PetAble client with a goatPetAble with a goatThese lessons are offered to those students who don’t want to ride or where riding doesn’t fit their current needs. PetAble students get the opportunity to interact with our donkey and other farm animals. Pricing:

  •     $25 per person per half hour
  •     $35 per person for an hour
  •     $50 for 1 hour private lesson
Field Trips and Group Rides

Group Visiting RideAbleGroup visits to RideAble are possible for special groups and by prior arrangement.

  • Group trips can include riding, grooming, leading, and socializing with all the animals

To ask about group trips and rates please contact us.