Sponsors, Donors, Affiliations

Sponsors, Donors and Affiliations

Our Sponsors, Donors and Agency Affiliations:

Umpqua Bank has been helping RideUmpqua Bank LogoAble through its Volunteer Program. They encourage their staff to give back to the community.


DePaolo Equine Concepts LogoDePaolo Equine Concepts was founded by Mark DePaolo, DVM, in 2006. Dr. Mark wanted to combine his training in conventional veterinary medicine with holistic treatments to produce the most effective ways to heal horses. Dr. Mark has educated our staff in nutrition and care since 2005.  He continues to be available by phone in his new Texas location.

Equine Performance Solutions LogoEquine Performance Solutions. Dr. Melissa Shaver graciously provides discounted veterinary chiropractic and acupuncture services for the horses.



FourHooves LogoFour Hooves Veterinary Clinic Dr. Jeff Pelton has been a valuable educational resource in addition to his great services for our herd which are generouly discounted.

Happy Feet Hoof CareHappy Feet Hoof Care features professional equine hoof care to compliment the natural biomechanical functions of the individual horse. Farrier Michael Waldorf has been generously donating foot care to the RideAble horses since 1998.

Gilkey View Ranch. LeRoy Myers has been providing hay since 2005. Gilkey View RanchGilkey View Ranch

McKenzie Feed and Pet Supply. The Wright family and staff support RideAble by discounting all of our purchases of feed, supplements, and tack.

McKenzie Tax Service, LLC. Doris Myers has been providing payroll and tax assistance for RideAble since 2005.

Pleasant Hill Feed – Randy and his crew provide us with discounts and delivery service.

MyComm LogoMy-Comm. Craig and Kelli Myers provide hand-held radios for staff communication and special events.

Benson Miniature Donkey Ranch kindly donated two donkeys.

Miller’s Blueberries kindly donated two steers in the spring of 2009 for our auction.

Eugene Physical Therapy LogoEugene Physical Therapy is an Official Sponsor for the Annual RideAble Dinner Auction.

LTD LogoLane Transit District is an Official Sponsor for the Annual RideAble Dinner Auction.

RideAble is privileged to work with the following agencies to provide a safe recreational learning opportunity for those with special needs in and around Lane County (listed with links on our Helpful Links page):

  •     Oregon Supported Living Program
  •     Renew Consulting, Inc.
  •     Alvord-Taylor, Inc.
  •     ARC of Lane County
  •     Lane County Mental Health: Children & Adults
  •     Direction Service
  •     Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services
  •     Albertina Kerr
  •     Hilyard Community Center
  •     Shelter Care