Welcome Future and Current Volunteers!

We are so excited to have you be a volunteer at our stables! RideAble is dependent on volunteers to keep our facilities, classes and environment enjoyable for those who use our services

If you would like to volunteer, Contact us and  let us know!

Further details: Volunteer Duties PDF (requires Adobe Reader)

General Volunteer Requirements:

  • Age 16 and up

  • Be able to be on your feet for at least 2 hours

  • Be able to lift at least 40 pounds

  • Available for 2 hours/day of your scheduled commitment

  • Reliable transportation

  • Attend a formal volunteer training (training not required to begin)

  • Complete the volunteer application

  • Ability to be out in a covered, but not heated facility in all weather conditions

  • Walk and jog with students on horseback

Jr. Volunteers are 14-16 years old and must meet the same requirements above. Jr. volunteers are supervised by other volunteers and instructor. They do not work independently with students.



Types of Volunteers:


Hour lessons require the volunteer to assist or supervise the student while tacking and grooming their horse. It is highly encouraged that the student do as much as they can with limited assistance. As a Companion/Spotter you are responsible for both the horse and rider. While riding you are there to lend a sense of security for the rider and assist them with following the instructor’s directions for body position, how to control/steer their horse, or participate in the class etc. It is vital that you listen and follow exact directions so that the student learns to do the same.



The leader is needed when the rider is not able to or is not ready to control the horse by use of their reins. Leaders need to be aware at all times of both the behavior of the horse and the needs of the rider. As a rider progresses towards being able to steer the horse on his own, the leader may function as a backup. As a horse leader you walk at the horse’s head, with or without the lead rope and are responsible for the horse. Use minimum control necessary so that the horse is responding to the rider; wait for the student to give the commands to the horse. Having control of the horse, however slight, builds confidence in the rider and horse as a team.

Side Walkers

Side walker walks at the student’s leg; assists with balance and is responsible for the student. Do the minimum to assist the student in a safe manner, as the rider becomes stronger the amount of assistance will lessen. The side walker’s position should not block eye contact between the student and the instructor.

Barn Chores and Property Maintenance

These are some of the most valued aspects of volunteering. Volunteers will need to water, muck stalls, care for animals and other miscellaneous tasks around the barn to ensure the safety, professionalism and quality of RideAble.