317 French Horse Names to Name Your Horse (Male & Female)

You might not know this, but French horse names can be really pretty and elegant.

If you’re looking to name your horse something unique and different from the rest of the horses in your stable, then take a look at these French names for both male and female horses. I’m sure one will catch your eye.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

French names for a male horse

Jean-Paul Lavaud Grégoire
Jérôme Barrault Phil
Napoléon Boucher Alphonse
Manuel Mallet Isaïe
Manuel Rousselle Damien
Bertrand D’Amboise Grégory
Mathéo Auberjonois Éric
Édouard Ballouhey Edouard
Lambert Rigal Dimitri
Anatole Sharpe Florent
Daniel Lacan Didier
Gaylord Courvoisier Nicolas
Léon Bassot Clovis
Georges Bachelet François
Jérôme Marais Jean-Pierre
Paulin Neri Patrice
Colin Lucroy Marius
Serge Jullien Robert
Gabriel Bechard Edmond
Moïse Lalande Bourguignon
Christopher Chastain Lahaye
Ignace Alméras Lacan
Nathan Lavigne Bombelles
Rémy Delacroix Spanghero
Alceste Ballesdens Beaufils
Abélard Lucy Auch
Lucas Batteux Anouilh
Patrice Baudet Duchemin
Quentin Dutoit Kaplan
Godefroy Gérin Rousselot
Stéphane Duverger Moitessier
Achille Cormier Bruguière
Alfred Dumont Rossignol
Baudouin Houdin Gaudin
Jean-Philippe Bellegarde Celice
Gabriel Bourbeau Devillers
Olivier Allard Ange
Paul Girardot Bardin
Norbert Duclos

French names for a female horse

Louise Emma Gillot
Aurore Noémie Gosselin
Cécile Capucine Goujon
Carla Romane Guiraud
Lola Léonie Humbert
Ophélie Manon Jardin
Hanna Justine Le
Laurie Morgane Corre
Alicia Madeleine Leclerc
Chloé Fanny Lecomte
Gabrielle Célia Lecuyer
Allain Coline Leduc
Allemand Charlène Legendre
Arnoux Ella Leloup
Bailleul Iris Lenoir
Berger Estelle Martin
Bertin Stella Merle
Bertrand Ludivine Meyer
Blandin Berenice Molina
Bonnard Lucile Monnier
Bontemps Axelle Oger
Bouquet Ines Paris
Breton Maéva Pires
Brossard Daphne Pons
Chauveau Céline Pruvost
Chevalier Olivia Roger
Delage Margaux Salle
Deschamps Mila Salles
Diot Emilie Salmon
Dufour Ambre Senechal
Fevrier Agathe Valette
Garnier Maya Vasseur
Gasnier Alexandra Vigouroux
George Sabrina Vivier
Gicquel Angélique

French horse names for a female baby horse

Eloise Gabrielle
Isabelle Elodie
Adeline Emmeline
Lilou Clara
Coco Esme
Juliette Ines
Brigitte Clemence
Madeleine Chloé
Lucienne Amelie

French horse names for a male baby horse

Emile Marcel
Claude Gabriel
Valentin Lucien
Virgile Dion
Alexandre Thierry


What is the most popular surname in France?

The most popular surname in France is Martin, followed by Bernard, then Robert, and Richard.

How are French names formed?

French last names are usually formed by using the father’s name and/or the mother’s name.

When did surnames start in France?

The earliest documented use of surnames in France was during the year 1100. But they became common during the 1400s.

Do the French have middle names?

Many French people also have a second name. It is written after the person’s first name and before their family’s last name. For example, Marie Monique DuBois has the middle name ‘Monique’. People with two or three names are common in France.

Is France a male or female name?

France is a girl’s name. It has French origins.


Blog post conclusion paragraph: When it comes to naming your new horse, you want a name that is unique and personal.

This list of 300+ French horse names will help make the task easier for you.

The names are separated by male or female (if applicable) so all you need to do now is pick your favorite one–or maybe even two.–to give your equine companion his/her perfect moniker.

Happy riding.

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