Can cichlids have live plants?

If you want to rig up your cichlid tank with aquatic plants, you’re facing a problem, because the cichlids don’t just eat algae but also higher plants. Nevertheless, there are a couple of plant species that haven proven themselves as being “cichlid-proof”.

Do cichlids like planted tanks?

The large cichlids from Africa are not really suitable for a planted aquarium, though. Plants are sparse in their natural habitats, and in the aquarium the fish basically consider them food. Only hard-leaved aquarium plants such as Anubias stand a chance of surviving.

Will cichlids destroy live plants?

Cichlids destroy plants because part of their ingrained behavior is digging in the substrate. They will fix the landscape to their liking and plants in the way become casualties. Algae-eaters also feed on the leaves of plants that have algae on them.

How do you keep plants with cichlids?

How to Have PLANTS in an AFRICAN CICHLID Aquarium

Do cichlids like floating plants?

Some examples include Java moss, Anacharis, Anubias, Hornwort, Green Cabomba, etc. African cichlids don’t like the taste of these plants. And when you keep this plant floating or by attaching to any ornament in your tank, then there is no way that the African cichlids will uproot them.

Do cichlids eat floating plants?

I’ve had very good luck floating Hornwort, Anacharis, and Najas grass in my African tank. Even though the Cichlids will nibble on them, they are all very fast growing, so they’ll never deplete it, plus they are great excess nutrient suckers.

Do Peacock cichlids eat plants?

Peacock cichlids sport vigorous appetites for live plants, further limiting plant options. However, a few aquarium plants can thrive with these cichlids.

What cichlids can go in a community tank?

Agassiz’s Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma agassizii) – A carnivorous species, Agassiz’s dwarf cichlids do well in community tanks as long as they aren’t kept with other Apistogrammas or fish small enough to be seen as prey.

Will dwarf cichlids uproot plants?

Dwarf cichlids and planted tanks

They prefer slightly acidic water that is on the softer side. These fish are quite docile and do not try to uproot plants.

Do cichlids eat moss?

Some cichlids consider common aquarium plants a nutritious treat or disrupt their roots with digging, but moss is one of the few plants most cichlids won’t enthusiastically decimate. Cichlids may graze on moss, but they will rarely completely devour it they way they do other aquarium plants.

Why does my cichlid dig holes?

Cichlids digging holes are normal behavior. They are either looking for food, creating a protected territory, or preparing to lay eggs. It’s common behavior for most Cichlids and some other species of fish. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the way they behave.

What rocks are safe for cichlids?

The African cichlid aquarium should have plenty of rockwork, caves and other hiding places to create needed territories. Limestone and dolomite rock will help maintain proper water chemistry, but virtually any rock or artificial décor is suitable. Rinse all decorations before placing them in your aquarium.

Why do African cichlids move gravel?

Some fish dig into rocks, or other substrate, to create spawning pits. These pits serve as a nest for the fish, where they can lay eggs. Many cichlids are known for this behavior, including the small ram cichlid, larger earth-eater cichlid and many African cichlids.

What can you mix with cichlids?

Some of the best fish to keep with African Cichlids are;

  • Botia Loaches (Clown Loach)
  • Red Tail Shark.
  • Giant Danios.
  • African Red-eyed Tetra.
  • Pleco.
  • Scavenger (Upside-down catfish)
  • Leopard Bush-fish.

Do cichlids eat snails?

Cichlids. The cichlid family is not known for snail-eating, but many species will eat snails sometimes. African cichlids are probably the most likely to eat snails. However, this is not of much use, since African cichlid tanks rarely have plants due to the high water pH.

Will cichlids eat Java fern?

Java ferns

This plant is perfect for the African cichlid tank. It’s so resistant to the water parameters that some aquarists even keep them in brackish tanks. Don’t worry about your Mbunas eating them, they don’t like the taste.

Can cichlids eat algae wafers?

All Cichlids will accept algae wafers whether herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. Don’t be afraid to give algae wafers for African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, Angelfish, and Blood Parrots. Herbivorous and omnivorous Cichlids particularly love this food.

What vegetables can you feed cichlids?

What foods are best for your Malawi cichlids?

  • Pellets or flakes. this is the leading food for most aquarium fish.
  • Spirulina. Plant-based food, which replaces algae, which would be their natural source of vegetables.
  • Homemade food. Lettuce, broccoli, peas, cucumber etc.
  • Meat. Use meat with caution.
  • Meat (again)

Do African cichlids eat cucumber?


How many times a day should I feed my cichlids?

Adult cichlids should be fed 3-4 times a day – an amount they can consume within 30 seconds every time. This feeding style helps to curb a cichlid’s aggression over resources. And cichlids are avaricious (borderline obnoxious) eaters – which means they can consume a sizable amount of food within half a minute or so.

What do cichlids like in their tank?

Cichlids prefer warm water with a high pH. While cichlids tend to be able to tolerate a wide variety of temperatures and water types, their colors will appear brighter and more vibrant in water with a pH of around eight. Many pet and aquarium stores sell aquarium additives that are designed for cichlids.

What is the easiest cichlid to keep?

If there is one universally agreed upon beginner cichlid, it’s probably the convict cichlid. These fish are incredibly hardy, breed readily, and are extremely prolific. If someone wants to experience all a cichlid has to offer, then these are the perfect fish.

What is the biggest cichlid?

The giant cichlid (Boulengerochromis microlepis), also known as the emperor cichlid, is a species of fish in the family Cichlidae, endemic to Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Giant cichlid
Genus: Boulengerochromis Pellegrin, 1904
Species: B. microlepis
Binomial name
Boulengerochromis microlepis (Boulenger, 1899)

What do I need for an African cichlid tank?

Since African cichlids are an active and aggressive species, they should have plenty of space. Fish that are at least six inches long should be considered larger, and require a minimum of 30 gallons of aquarium space. Smaller fish need at least a 20-gallon tank.

What plants can go with Oscars?

Salvinia Natans

Salvinia Natans is one of the floating plants you can easily keep in your Oscar fish tank. This plant is known by many different names such as Floating moss, Floating water moss, Floating water butterfly, etc.

How do you set up a cichlid tank?

How to set up an African Cichlid Tank FAST!