Can I use a bookshelf speaker as a center?

So is it a good idea to use a single bookshelf speaker as a center channel speaker? Yes if you don’t have a dedicated center, using a bookshelf speaker of the same model is perfectly acceptable. In fact some audio professionals and even Dolby Labs use this configuration for their audio.

Do I really need a center channel speaker?

A center channel speaker is a critical component of a home theater system set-up as it delivers about 70% of the dialogue from movies and television. Without one, you’re missing out on vital parts of what you’re watching.

Does a center channel have to match the other speakers?

Considering Your Center Channel Speaker Options

To create a seamless front soundstage, the center channel speaker must match the tonality of the front left and right speakers.

Can you use ceiling speaker for center channel?

Depending on your ceiling height, you can mount the center on the ceiling. This can be quite effective as long as the speaker isn’t too far away from the TV and you angle it toward the listening position, as we discussed earlier. Another option is to use an in-ceiling speaker for your center channel.

Can you use a sound bar as a center channel?

Can you use a soundbar as a centre channel speaker in your surround sound system? The short answer is no, a soundbar cannot replace a centre speake without compromising sound quality.

Can you use a subwoofer as a center speaker?

If the subwoofer is well designed (ie cabinet doesn’t wobble or vibrate excessively even at highest output), then I would say yes, setting the center speaker directly on it should be no problem.

Can I use two speakers for center channel?

Sure, you can install two center channels speakers in your home theater, but you shouldn’t.

Is the center speaker louder than fronts?

No, when properly calibrated, the center should not be louder than the fronts. The numbers you see in the setup doesn’t mean the center is louder (or not as loud). Those adjustments exist so that you can account for differences in loudness between speaker models (e.g. your center vs.

How is a center speaker different?

What Is a Center Speaker? A center speaker is used for surround sound audio and will reproduce most of the talking, making it easier to hear what people are saying. It is positioned under or over the screen and between the front left and right speakers.

Is a center channel good for music?

The center channel speaker is arguably the most important and underrated in a home theatre surround sound system. Nearly 70% of all audio content plays through the center channel at any given moment. It also handles the majority of dialogue and vocals in music and movies.

Should center speaker be louder than left right?

However, we see nothing wrong with having the level of the center channel speaker be 2 to 3db higher than your left and right. A lot of movies go overboard with special effects and having the center level raised just a bit will make it easier to understand the dialog. Feel free to experiment with the levels.

Is it okay to mix and match speakers?

However, THX recommends that you keep groups of speakers similar. This means the Front speakers should be from the same manufacturer and designed to work together. Surround Left and Right speakers should also be identical to each other, as should the Surround Back speakers.

Can I use ceiling speakers as front speakers?

We don’t typically recommend in-ceiling speakers for your home theater’s front channels.

How big should my center channel speaker be?

Your Center channel should generally be set to the same size as your Front L/R speakers for timbre matching purposes. Of course, if your Center channel speaker cannot handle full range you will want to set it to “Small”.

How high should a center channel speaker be?

Center speakers are very directional so projecting the dialogue lower than ear level makes characters sound “boxy” or unintelligible- especially at mid to high frequency sounds. The fix: Place your center speaker at ear level when seated. This is usually around 30” to 50” off the ground.

How do I convert a soundbar to center speaker?

To use it as a true center, you would have to hook up all three channels of the soundbar to the center channel of your receiver. What is this? Alternatively, you can take advantage of the three channels and hook up a left, right, and center signal into the soundbar.

Is a sound bar the same as a center speaker?

No, a sound bar is not the same as a center speaker. Speakers have tweeters, mids and woofers, while a soundbar has left, right and center channels.

How can I improve my center channel sound?

Raising the center channel volume relative to the left/right and surround channels makes dialogue louder than the music and sound effects, so it’s easier to understand what the actors are saying. The easiest way to make the adjustment is with your receiver or home theater-in-a-box system’s remote control.

Can you get pulled over for loud subwoofers?

It is not illegal to have loud car stereos or subwoofers as long as they are not disturbing the neighborhood you are driving through.

Can a center speaker go on the floor?

Standard Bookshelf or Floor-Standing Speaker

You know, some people either have the room for it, they have an acoustically transparent screen with a projector, so they could put a big floor standing speaker behind the screen. Again, the answer is absolutely yes, you can do that. And actually, that’s ideal.

Where should center channel speaker be placed?

Always place the center channel speaker as close to the screen as possible, whether in front or behind. If placed on furniture, align the speaker flush with the front edge to eliminate lobing of the sound waves which can negatively impact clarity and dynamics.

Can I run 4 speakers off 1 channel?

The easiest and a safe way to connect 4 pairs of HiFi speakers is to use a 4 zone speaker selector switch. This is relatively simple to wire, just run a wire from the central location (lounge room) to each speaker. The box should also look after any impedance matching to prevent amplifier overload.

Can all speakers be daisy chained?

Yes, you can daisy chain any speaker that has an “extension” or “through” outlet on some models to a passive speaker. If the model is compatible with this practice, just run a cable from that connection to the input of the next speaker and you’ll feed audio and power to it.

Do center and front speakers need to match?

Yes it’s best to match. Ideally you’d have identical speaks for the front three, but the “matching” center is next best. Mismatched front stage is generally not recommended.

Which is louder mono or stereo?

Mono audio is usually louder than stereo audio because it only has one channel. Stereo audio is usually louder than surround sound audio because it has two channels.

Is center speaker for dialogue?

Most people are aware that the centre speaker is responsible for playing back film dialogue. While this is true, it’s not the only thing the middle channel in a classic 5.1 setup is used for. A part of a film’s musical score and certain special effects are also mixed for this channel.

Do speakers sound better without grill?

In the end, the question of whether the speakers will sound better with or without grilles leans toward the answer that most speakers technically perform better without grilles, but it can vary with speaker, and also the difference will likely be a subtle one if it can be heard at all.

Can you use any speakers for surround sound?

Most surround-sound enthusiasts agree it is not necessary to have the same speaker type or even brand when setting up your system, so you can feel comfortable using different speakers in the channel array. It really comes down to sound quality. If it sounds good to you, then you will be happy with it.

Can I use bookshelf speakers as surround speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are often used as surrounds or if space is a limitation, both passive and powered bookshelf speakers can make great front speakers. As for crafting the perfect surround sound experience, few things compare to the wide-reaching bipolar speaker setup.

Can cabinet speakers be center?

Center speakers fit great on top of an entertainment cabinet or easily on a shelf mounted above or below the TV screen. Just make sure the speaker in angled up or down towards the listener for best performance.

Can I use two speakers for center channel?

Sure, you can install two center channels speakers in your home theater, but you shouldn’t.

Are bookshelf speakers as good as tower speakers?

The bigger size of tower speakers allows them to move more air through the drivers than desktop or bookshelf speakers, which generally allows them to produce deeper, more impactful bass than standalone bookshelf speakers. Towers generally have more woofer drivers as well, which creates even more bass.

How is a center speaker different?

What Is a Center Speaker? A center speaker is used for surround sound audio and will reproduce most of the talking, making it easier to hear what people are saying. It is positioned under or over the screen and between the front left and right speakers.