Can you use 4×4 posts for a shade sail?

If your posts will actually be 12′ above ground, and they’re not supported with any sort of diagonal bracing, you will want 6x6s (or at least 4x6s). 4x4s will flex and bounce substantially at that height.

How deep do posts need to be for a shade sail?

Post lengths should be taken into account with the proposed height of the sail plus the depth of your footings. Footing depth should be a minimum of 36 inches deep and 30inches square. For example, if your post height is higher than 8 feet, we recommend a hole depth 40% of the height above ground.

How do you make a shade sail pole?

How to Make a Temporary Sun Shade for a Patio

How do you install shade sail posts?

Wood Shade Sail Post Footing

Lay a 4 inch (100mm) depth of 3/4 inch diameter gravel at the base of the post. Insert the posts using lag bolts partially driven into the post to hold it in place. Use string lines to ensure they are in plumb alignment. Temporarily brace the posts until the concrete has set.

Why are shade sail posts angled?

Shade sails are designed with hollow concave edges to help tension the fabric. Because of these hollows, a three-sided sail (triangle shade sails) will provide less than 50% of the effective shade than a four cornered sail. Also a triangle sail will always remain flat as it has no 3-dimensional shape.

How do you keep shade sails from sagging?

If your shade sail starts to sag, you can re-tighten it and bring it taught. One way to do this is by using a wire rope that runs through a pocket sewn in the perimeter of your sail. Simply pull the wire rope on each corner until the shade sail retightens and all sagging is removed.

Should shade sail posts be angled?

The length of the posts is determined by the size of the sail/s and the height of attachment. Footing depth is determined by the loads and height of attachment. Posts must be angled away from the direction of the load; Supreme Shades as a minimum offsets our posts by 5 degrees off plumb.

Can I attach a shade sail to my house?

Can you attach sail shade to a house? Yes, the majority of residential sail shades are attached to the side of a home.

Are shade sails hail proof?

A shade sail will provide protection against hail, sun damage and if you opt for a waterproof shade sail, rain also.

How do you make a sunshade post?

Sun Sail Pole Ideas Reviewed

How do you attach shade cloth to metal poles?

Simple tension the shade fabric to a structure and sew approximately 10-20mm in from the edge and 100mm apart. Lacing Cords are particularly handy when attaching shade cloth fabric to metal posts, steel cables, PVC pipes, and other areas tie wraps can’t wrap around.

How do you attach PVC to shade cloth?

Making PVC Snap Clips to hold shade cloth on PVC frame

How do you install a freestanding shade sail?

How To Install A Shade Sail

How high should my shade sail be?

Height Variation in a Shade Sail

How much wind can a shade sail handle?

How much wind can a shade sail withstand? A properly installed, good quality shade sail should be able to withstand normal wind flow. Shade sails form a tensioned structure and they should not flap in the wind. Sails generally are designed to withstand up to 85 mph winds.

How much fall should a shade sail have?

We suggest a high amount of slope, a minimum of 30% between points. A large slope looks great, giving the appearance of multiple sails in some cases and also allows for water run-off. For example, for a 20ft sail, you could go 5-4ft difference between posts.

How do you anchor a sun shade sail?

How to Install Shade Sails | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Should a shade sail be tight?

Caution: Do not over tension, tension only by hand, and only tight enough to remove creases. Over tensioning can cause damage to your Shade Sail. Your sail should be firm and tight to reduce windflap. After 30 days, check the tension and re-tighten if required.

How do you attach a shade sail to a brick wall?

How to hang a shade sail and attach to a brick wall and tree.

Do shade sails stretch over time?

Sails can stretch and loosen up over time, but by getting in early you can keep yours firm and fresh. Check out our article on installing shade sails here for more information on getting started.

Does shade cloth protect from hail?

With weather conditions seeming to become more and more turbulent you will be surprised to know that our shade cloth fabrics has been rigorously tested against hail damage. Both in laboratory hail test simulations and out in the field by severe hail and thunderstorms. These test results are no fluke.