How do I change the audio output on my Sharp Aquos TV?

How do I fix the sound on my Sharp Aquos?

Go to Initial Setup, Input Settings, Output select. Set Output select to “fixed”. If it is set to variable, the audio menus are greyed out.

Why does my Sharp TV have no sound?

Check Connections, Volume, and Device Settings

Confirm by using the TV’s remote that the audio is not muted by pressing the “Mute” button and checking the notification that appears on the screen. If your unit is connected to a sound system, ensure that the speakers are plugged in and turned on.

How do I find audio settings on my TV?

1. Check your TV’s sound settings

  1. Use your remote to access the TV’s settings menu, then look for a section called Audio, Sound or something similar.
  2. At the top of the menu should be a selection of presets such as Movie, User or Standard.

How do I enable audio output?

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to enable and disable playback (or output) devices in Windows.

  1. 1) Right click the sound icon in your system tray (or task tray)
  2. 2) Open sound settings.
  3. 3) Manage sound devices.
  4. 4) Click on the devices you’d like to enable or disable.

Does Sharp Aquos TV have audio output?

For Audio/Sound, go into the TV Menu under System options. Using the cursor, scroll downward to “Output Select” to verify the “Output” is set to Fixed. This should produce sound from your television.

How do I reset the sound on my TV?

1 Press the Home button on your remote control. 2 Using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to and select Settings. 3 Navigate to and select Sound > Expert Settings. 4 Navigate to and select Reset Sound.

How do I reset the sound on my smart TV?

How do I reset the sound on my smart TV?

  1. 1 From Smart Hub panel, Select Settings.
  2. 2 Select Sound.
  3. 3 Select Expert Settings.
  4. 4 Select Reset Sound.
  5. 5 Select Reset to reset all sound settings.

How do I fix the sound on my TV when its fixed?

IMPORTANT: If the Audio Out option of the television is set to Fixed, the TV speakers are turned off and the volume output of the TV is fixed. If this is the case, use the audio receiver remote control to adjust the volume through the audio system.

Why has my sound stopped working?

Hardware problems can be caused by outdated or malfunctioning drivers. Make sure your audio driver is up to date and update it if needed. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the audio driver (it will reinstall automatically). If that doesn’t work, try using the generic audio driver that comes with Windows.

How do I reset my Sharp Aquos TV?

How to Factory Reset Your Sharp TV

How do I fix the sound on my TV with HDMI?

Set the audio output setting of the source device to output a compatible audio signal. IMPORTANT: If using a set-top box, make sure the volume is turned up on the set-top box. You also may need to go into the set-top box menu and select HDMI in the Audio Settings or Audio Coding section to pass the audio to the TV.

How do I get to my device audio settings?

Windows Playback and Recording Device Settings

  1. In the Start menu or search bar, type “Sound” and click on the “Sound Control panel” option.
  2. Click on device you would like to configure.
  3. From here you can rename, disable, or otherwise change and verify your sound device.

How do I find my audio device settings?

– Confirm that your audio device is plugged in. – Using Windows 10, right click on the speaker icon (right hand side) of the taskbar to show menu choices, left click on Sounds. – Once in the Playback or Recording section, you should see the corresponding devices listed.

Why is my TVS audio not working?

Check the audio settings on your TV and connected devices. Turn off and unplug your TV and connected devices. Inspect the TV cables and ports, then check the ones on your devices as well. Are they connected correctly and firmly?

How do I restore my audio output device?

To reinstall the audio output device follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R and open the Run window.
  2. Type devmgmt.
  3. Scroll down and look for Sound, video and game controllers.
  4. Double click on the category > right-click on the audio device > Update driver.

How do I find disabled audio devices?

Open Control panel. Click Hardware and Sound and then Click on Sounds. Under Playback tab, right click on the empty area and make sure “Show Disabled Devices” has a check mark on it. If headphones/Speakers are disabled, it will now show up in the list.

How do I enable and disable audio devices?

3. Enable or Disable a Sound Output Device via Device Manager

  1. Press Win + X to open the Power User menu.
  2. Select Device Manager from the list.
  3. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs section.
  4. Right-click on the sound output device and select Disable device.
  5. Hit OK to confirm.

What is PCM audio on Sharp TV?

Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) and the Dolby Digital® technology refer to different types of digital audio recordings. PCM is the conventional method for converting analog audio into digital audio.

Why do I have picture but no sound?

Check the volume on your TV.

It sounds silly, but sometimes just making sure your TV isn’t muted or set to a very low volume will solve the problem. Most televisions display the sound level on the screen as you adjust the volume; look for that in the corner of the screen as you press your remote’s volume button.

Why is sound not working on smart TV?

If you own a smart TV, your sound might not work due to a firmware update. Check for a new firmware update for your TV and install it. A minor software glitch can corrupt a TV’s audio output. Turning it off and turning it back on should fix the problem.

What is fixed audio output?

The FIXED or VARIABLE audio output setting changes the way audio is sent through the television AUDIO OUT jacks. FIXED: When this setting is selected, the television audio through the AUDIO OUT jacks does not change when using the TV remote control volume buttons. The audio is fixed at one level.

Should I use PCM or auto?

Select [Auto] if the device connected via DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) is compatible with Dolby Digital. Select [PCM] if the device is not compatible with Dolby Digital.

How do I change the audio output to my TV HDMI?

You can set the HDMI audio signal output of playback devices connected to the receiver via an HDMI connection.

  1. Select [Setup] – [HDMI Settings] from the home menu.
  2. Select [Audio Out].
  3. Select the setting you want. AMP: HDMI audio signals from playback devices are only output to the speakers connected to the receiver.

How do I change System audio output?


  1. Left Click on the sound icon in the taskbar.
  2. Above the volume bar, there should be an audio device listed.
  3. Clicking on the drop-down list should show all the available audio devices that can be selected.
  4. Select the preferred device by left-clicking on it.

How do I change the audio output on my smart TV?

Press the Home button on your remote, and then navigate to and select Settings. Select Sound, select Sound Output, and then select the desired sound output.

How do I change the audio output when my TV is casting?

Speakers and Chromecast

  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is linked to the same account as your Chromecast or speaker.
  2. Open the Google Home app .
  3. Touch and hold your device’s tile.
  4. At the top right, tap Settings. Audio, then: To choose the TV or speaker you want to use when you play music, tap Default music speaker.