How is Dymondwood made?

Dymondwood is made of phenolic resin impregnated wood veneers that have been laminated and compressed. It serves as an excellent material for knifemaking due to its strength and stability. Make beautiful, durable knife handles with Dymondwood.

Is Dymondwood waterproof?

Made in USA Dymondwood is Yellow Birch plywood that is dyed and impregnated with resin to make it waterproof and very dense.

What is benchmade Dymondwood?

Benchmade Knives: Benchmade North Fork Knife, Dymondwood, BM-150312. The illustrated Benchmade Knife is the Benchmade North Fork Knife that features a 2.97″ drop point blade made of CPM S30V stainless steel, . 114″ thick, with a Rockwell hardness of 58-60.

Who makes Dymondwood?

DymondWood® is a registered tradename of Rutland Plywood Corp, Professional Plastics is an authorized distributor of DymondWood® with 18 locations worldwide including USA, Singapore & Taiwan.

What is Rosewood Dymondwood?

Dymondwood contains dyed Russian Birch hardwood veneers that are combined with resins, heat and pressure manufactured to create a panel that we typically stock in 2″ thick. Dymondwood is known by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, weather and moisture resistance.

What is cocobolo Dymondwood?

Cocobolo Dymondwood, a composite using actual Cocobolo veneers. Red Dymondwood, a composite using light colored veneers (usually birch) dyed red. Black Dymondwood, a composite using veneers dyed a dark black. The overall effect is a gray shade.

How is pakkawood made?

Pakkawood is made from a base material of hardwood veneers like plywood and is then infused with a plastic resin to create a wood/resin composite material. The initial plywood is vacuumed to remove all moisture from the wood and then glued together with a phenolic thermoset resin under high pressure.

What is SpectraPly wood?

SpectraPly wood is made in the USA from veneered layers of premium yellow birch that have been brightly dyed. Spectraply blanks offer a unique turning experience that yields high quality, vibrant projects! The veneers are dyed under extreme pressure for full penetration of the dye throughout the wood.

Is pakkawood a wood?

Pakkawood, also sold as Staminawood, Colorwood, Dymondwood and compreg, is an engineered wood/plastic composite material commonly used in knife handles and other objects that see rough wear. It can closely resemble conventional wood, or come in a range of bright colors.

Is pakkawood good for knife handles?

Pakkawood is commonly used in knife handles, though it’s also used for other utensil handles as well. Pakkawood is ideal for kitchen utensils because it is both heat and water resistant; it won’t crack, split or warp, unlike natural, unprocessed woods.

What does pakkawood mean?

Pakkawood is the name of impregnated wood veneers used in knife production to make handle scales. Veneer is a wood product consisting of an inexpensive wooden core covered with thin layers off a high quality wood that make it more precious. The layers used as a finish are between 0.3 and 6 mm thick.

How is Spectraply made?

Spectraply is made by first peeling Yellow Birch from logs into long sheets as is typical for the production of plywood, the fate of most Yellow Birch timber. These thin sheets, or those intended for Spectraply at least, are dyed multiple different, often vibrant, colors.

How do you dye wood blanks?

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How do you make colored plywood?

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