How many hillstream loaches should I keep together?

How many hillstream loaches can be kept together? Most people only get one because they’re more expensive and can cost around $15 each. We recommend getting just one or a group of three or more. If you get two, the stronger one may bully the weaker one over food or territory.

How big does a hillstream loach get?

Hillstream Loach Size

Hillstream Loaches are typically small, with adults reaching a mere 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 cm), making it easy for them to scavenge food in the smallest of nooks and crannies within their rocky riverbed terrain.

How do you get hillstream loach to eat?

TWO Hillstream Fish Feeding Tricks

Do hillstream loach eat snails?

These are freshwater fish and are suitable for community tanks because of their peaceful nature – they are totally safe to keep with other non-aggressive fish, snails, shrimp, and live plants.

Do hillstream loaches need a heater?

So, the typical household temperature is within the advised range for hillstream loaches. Although, according to the lows at night regularly drop into the low 60s (which is around 16 or 17 in Celsius)! Therefore, I’d be happy to keep these fish indoors without a heater without worrying about it.

Do hillstream loaches jump?

Registered. Loaches in general are notorious tank jumpers. I’m sorry for your loss.

How many gallons does a hillstream loach need?

The recommended tank size for a hillstream loach is around 50 gallons. If you think it’s a little bit large considering how small these fish are, here’s the reason: Author Note: These fish do best when kept in a group of 3-4.

Do hillstream loaches need flow?

To keep hillstream loaches happy, the tank does not have to be overly complicated but it should have some specific features: fast flowing water to allow algae to grow in strong lighting, darker protected areas with slower flow and even some areas with little or no flow. Variation is the key.

Can I keep a hillstream loach in a 10 gallon?

Hillstream loaches prefer cooler water. 65-72F, or thereabouts. They really should not be kept in temps higher than 75. They also need more room than a 10 gallon provides, and water with a lot of current and oxygen.

Will hillstream loach eat cucumber?

Seems like that might up the odds of hillstream loaches finding it. My otos love cucumber, though, as does my clown pleco. Sweet potato is another big hit.

Do loaches eat bloodworms?

These fish are classed as carnivores which means that they mainly eat meaty foods. However, Kuhli loach should be fed a balanced diet of live foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Do hillstream loaches eat brown algae?

1) The loach thrived on “brown” algae. It preferred eating off the glass rather than driftwood, smooth stone, or slate (though it would occasionally eat from these surfaces). 2) The tank temperature ranged from as low as 60 F (in the winter) up to 80 F (more recently).

Do Hillstream loaches lay eggs?

With small broods of fry, as soon as they begin to breed, they spawn after every few weeks. The male begins the process of digging a spawning pit by rapidly flicking its tail. The female comes to lay eggs in this pit. After around two weeks, the eggs hatch.

Do loaches eat shrimp?

Most other loaches aren’t suitable to keep with snails but these guys were fine. They might nibble at baby shrimp but I doubt they would try and eat the adults. Yes they will eat shrimp.

Will loaches eat Nerite snails?

Nerites are shaped differently than most snails, depending on species of nerite, and they can pull in tighter and hold well. A lot of loaches will give up on them, especially if they’re well fed.

Can hillstream loach live with Betta?

They make an excellent match because they spend a lot of their time hiding and looking for food in your tank’s substrate. With no long fins, your Betta will have nothing to nip at.

Will hillstream loaches eat shrimp?

A hillstream loach can’t eat shrimps because of its size. It is because of the sizes of the shrimp and loach. The average size of the hillstream loach is 2-3 inches and the average size of shrimps is 1.5-2.5 inches. So it is almost impossible for a hillstream loach to eat shrimps.

Are hillstream loach shy?

The Hillstream Loach is a really neat little fish that is great at eating the small crustaceans and larvae (aufwuchs) that grows in algae. This loach can be very shy and won’t really show themselves in the home aquarium too much.

Do hillstream loaches eat hair algae?

While hillstream loaches are great at consuming flat types of algae, you may also need a more nimble-fingered algae eater that can reach into narrow gaps or tear off chunks of fuzzy algae.

Does Petsmart sell hillstream loach?

Petsmart is now carrying hillstream loaches!! : r/Aquariums.

Can hillstream loach live in warm water?

Misconceptions. But there is a misconception about them like; they are only a cool water fish OR they have to have a high flow. Well, yes they do appreciate that. They can thrive in high-temperature water too, as high as 80-degrees and also in a 20-gallon aquarium with just sponge filter and no flow.

How do you quarantine a Hillstream Loach?

It is apparently sensitive to most medications. Typically I put new fish/plants in a next, dispose of the water it came with, 30 second salt water dip, then 3 weeks of treatments/quarantine… general cure, ich-x, furan-2, kanaplex, and lavamisol.

Do tropical fish like fast flowing water?

These school fish like to live in strong currents near the surface, where they’re very active. Danios love to play fast-flowing water, and since they’re very energetic, they can be pretty fun to watch.

Can Kuhli loaches live with bettas?

Can Bettas and Kuhli loaches live together in a single tank? Bettas are very aggressive, which cannot tolerate a different species in their fish tank. However, bettas are seen to be very compatible with Kuhli loaches. So yes, bettas and Kuhli loaches can live together in a single tank.

Can I keep 2 hillstream loaches?

We sell these fish in schools of 3 or more because they are known to do best in groups of 3 or more. Like other hillstream loaches, they need plenty of oxygen in the tank to survive, as well as colder temperatures (68-75°F).

Will hillstream loach eat plants?

They won’t eat plants, don’t worry, and they’re happy to nibble on any veggies or frozen foods you offer. They’d probably take sinking pellets and flakes, too.

Are hillstream loaches nocturnal?

Unlike many other species of loaches, the reticulated hillstream loach is diurnal. It prefers to remain active during the day.