How much Seman comes out of a horse?

When a mare and a stallion mate naturally, the mare receives the whole ejaculate. This amount is often 50 milliliters or more, and it contains several billion sperm. When artificial insemination is used to breed mares, excellent fertility can be attained with as little as 1/2 ml of semen.

How much is horse sperm worth per gallon?

Narrator: That means that a gallon of this horse’s semen is worth $4.7 million. And that’s nowhere near the most expensive. Once it’s collected, horse semen can be separated and sold in small tubes called straws. Matson: One of these straws is worth about $1,200.

How much sperm does a dog produce?

Abstract. Normal dog semen ranges in volume from 1 to 30 mL per ejaculate and contains 300 million to 2 billion sperm, of which more than 70% are progressively motile and morphologically normal.

What is the most valuable liquid on Earth?

The most expensive liquid in the world is scorpion venom. It’s cost is $ 10,302,700 per litre. The proteins found in it are used for the treatment of autoimmune disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Can a dog sperm fertilize a human egg?

No, humans and dogs can’t reproduce. … And it is false, simply because even if a human and a dog did have sex, the two species are so different they couldn’t make babies, as we explain shortly.

How much sperm does a German shepherd have?

The sperm concentration was 376 ± 13.6 millions / ml for GSD (Table 1). The sperm concentration in the ejaculate is closely related to age of the animal, body weight, testicular weight and sexual activity (Amann, 1986).

How much sperm does a zebra produce?

Spermatozoa first appeared in the ejaculate at 31 mo of age. By 48 mo of age the zebra was producing up to 40 billion spermatozoa per ejaculate. Progressive sperm motility ranged from 75 to 95%. Gel-free semen volume averaged 75 to 120 ml/ejaculate.

How much is a gallon of human blood worth?

Human Blood: $1,500 per gallon.

How much is a gallon of scorpion?

Scorpion Venom – $39,000,000 per gallon

There are thousands of species of scorpion, but only 25 have venom that is deadly for humans.

What is deathstalker venom used for?

An ingredient in the venom of the “deathstalker” scorpion could help gene therapy become an effective treatment for brain cancer, scientists are reporting. The substance allows therapeutic genes — genes that treat disease — to reach more brain cancer cells than current approaches, according to a new study.