Is it OK to have 2 different subwoofers?

Dual subwoofers will greatly increase the available system headroom, providing greater dynamic range, reduced output compression, lower distortion, and less potential for overdrive artifacts. In short, running duals will give you cleaner, more accurate bass at extreme drive levels.

Can you use two different brand car subwoofers?

It is fine to mix and match different brands of subwoofers because there is no timbre matching with subwoofers.

Can you put 2 different brand subs in the same box?

To conclude, while it is possible to install different sized subs in the same box, it is not recommended and will not help the sound of your system. Instead, it will likely lead to an in-balanced sound in your car.

Can I mix and match subwoofers?

Mixing different subs can be a real challenge, but it’s not impossible. Be prepared to spend a lot of time tweaking the system. With different subs, you need to adjust individually and collectively. It could take days to get it just right.

Do my subwoofers need to match?

The Importance of Pairing

To ensure your car stereo system has excellent bass, you need to find an amp that matches your sub. In other words, the amp’s capabilities need to match the subwoofer’s specifications to work properly together. For the best sound quality, make sure the RMS watts of the sub and amp match.

Should subwoofers be matched?

A common question that we get is “should my speaker and subwoofer brands match?” Again, there are no hard and fast rules and no subwoofer police are going to come after you for mixing speakers and subs from different brands. However, we will say that most speaker brands have their own unique sound signature.

Is it OK to mix speaker brands?

Matching your front three speakers is most important, but if the manufacturer of your front speakers doesn’t make a suitable surround speaker you can consider going with a different brand for surround speakers. Still, we recommend trying to stay within the same brand and series for all of your speakers.

Do both subs need to be the same?

Yes. You can run two different subs. It’s optimal to run two of the same because in your case, the weaker sub may reach it’s limits before the stronger one. To build on what dstew100 said, try for optimal placement of the bigger sub up front with your mains.

Does 2 subs sound better than 1?

The answer to this question is typically yes, assuming you’re comparing one vs. two subs of the exact same brand and model #. In almost all circumstances, installing multiple subwoofers in your theater room will yield significantly better and smoother bass response across a wider listening area due to modal averaging.

Can you wire 2 different subs to one amp?

Usually, subwoofers are connected to a one-channel amp but it is possible to connect two subwoofers to a one-channel amp, this is what we will show you in this guide. This method is especially good for setting up an audio system in your car.

Can you run a 10 and 12 sub together?

Can I Run Two Different Sized Subs in the Same Vehicle? | Car Audio Q & A

Can I use different subwoofers?

Multiple subwoofers will improve the bass in your listening room. The most cost-effective way to do this is to purchase several less expensive – but good quality – subwoofers.

What size subwoofer hits the hardest?

The 12-inch subwoofers handle more power, they play louder, they are boomier, and many people find that they just sound better.

What makes a subwoofer hit harder?

You can also make minor upgrades to your subwoofer to make it hit harder. Change the small cone in front of the subwoofer, change the voice coil or get a new enclosure for the subwoofer. If you don’t want to put much effort into it, just turn the volume to zero and play your track with medium bass.

How long does it take to break in your subwoofers?

We suggest 20-24 hours for a solid break in time. You can set it with a good clean signal overnight. Once this is done you are ready to install and be on your way.

Should Subs be louder than bass?

Subbass should be peaking at -12dB, so you keep enough headroom for the rest of the song. If mixing with headroom is not working for you, a general rule of thumb is to keep the subbass lower than the kickdrum by about 2 to 5 dB.

What is the best subwoofer for sound quality?


  • SVS SB16 Ultra. The best subwoofer.
  • Monoprice 150-Watt Powered Subwoofer. The best subwoofer on a budget.
  • Klipsch Reference Series 12 (R-121SW) The best subwoofer for the style conscious.
  • Monoprice SSW-12 Powered Slim Subwoofer. The best hideaway subwoofer.
  • KEF KC62 Subwoofer.
  • Polk Audio HTS 10 Subwoofer.

How do you get a punchy bass on a subwoofer?

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What Hz is best for subs?

Tips for Setting the Proper Crossover Frequency of a Subwoofer

  • On-wall or Tiny ‘satellite’ speakers: 150-200 Hz.
  • Small center, surround, bookshelf: 100-120 Hz.
  • Mid-size center, surround, bookshelf: 80-100 Hz.
  • Large center, surround and bookshelf: 60-80 Hz.
  • Very large center, surround, bookshelf: 40-60 Hz.

Do all speakers need to be same brand?

It’s best to stick with one brand and line for your entire home theater speaker system. However, you can mix and match speakers, but there are some guidelines to follow. If you choose to mix and match, you’ll want to make sure to mix and match properly, otherwise, you could run into big problems.

Can you mix sub and amp brands?

As a general rule, we do not recommend mixing and matching different brands of speakers in a surround sound system.

Can you sync two different brand speakers?

If you want to connect two Bluetooth speakers of different brands, you only have one option: download an application such as Ampme. This app allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time, or more devices, to play the same music.

Do subs sound better after break in?

The breaking-in process involves playing the subwoofer for a period of time after having it professionally installed in your car. The main benefit of this is to help loosen the unit’s suspension and improve overall performance and bass output. This will also help extend the life of your subwoofer.

Should subs face back or front?

Most bass enthusiasts face their subwoofers to the back, pointing at the back of the cab in a truck or the tailgate in an SUV for a heavy bass sound and feel. Other configurations are also possible but will affect the sensation and sound of the bass.

Do you have to break in new subs?

A common question is if JL Audio speakers or subwoofers require a break in period. The answer is no. While it is true that the suspension of a speaker will loosen up over time, there is no need to play a speaker at half power or low volumes for an extended period in order to aid or ease into this.

Are 2 10 inch subs loud?

One 12″ or Two 10″ Subwoofers? | Car Audio

What sub hits harder 2ohm or 4ohm?

A subwoofer with a lower electrical resistance produces a louder sound than one with a high electrical resistance, which means that 2ohm subwoofers are louder than 4ohm ones. Although louder, 2 ohm subwoofers are also more likely to produce a poorer quality of sound due to its’ power consumption.

Is a bigger sub always better?

A large driver/big subwoofer is certainly capable of incredible depth and output, but often it is at the expense of speed in transients and tonal accuracy. This means bass can sound powerful yet bloated or “boomy” as opposed to controlled and detailed.

Should dual subs be the same?

The brand and model of the two subwoofers should be the same to avoid the difference in characteristics (phase, speed, frequency response and output capability) from affecting the combined effect.

Can I use different subwoofers?

Multiple subwoofers will improve the bass in your listening room. The most cost-effective way to do this is to purchase several less expensive – but good quality – subwoofers.

Can you mix 10 and 12 inch subs?

Mixing 10 and 12 inch Subs?!

You can mix and match subs of different sizes but that would take a lot of planning and careful use of crossovers and EQs to do it right. Also, people choose not to use this approach because its unpleasing asthetically, especially if you only have one of each.

Can you run two different subs off one amp?

Multiple subs wired together must be the same coil type and impedance. If they’re not, the power won’t divide evenly between them, and some subs would probably be over-powered while others get under-powered. If you want to run different types of subs in a system, each type needs to have its own separate amp.