Is my race horse legit?

MyRacehorse has a consumer rating of 3.54 stars from 20 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. MyRacehorse ranks 3rd among Horseback Riding sites.

Can you make money on MyRacehorse?

With MyRacehorse you can buy fractional shares of racehorses. If the horse you purchase is ultimately profitable—which is measured against the cost of purchasing the horse, training, and maintenance, and other costs associated with operating the horse series company—you can expect to receive a dividend.

Who is MyRacehorse?

MyRaceHorse — a new app that lets fans purchase minority stakes in horses as easily as they can buy a beer and hot dog at their local track — is angling to “democratize” the snooty business of horse ownership, says co-founder Michael Behrens. “It’s equity-based.

How does my racehorse work?

When bills pop up, MyRaceHorse pays them out of that. If the horse wins a race, that account is topped off for future costs and then the balance is paid out to the owners based on how many shares they own. “It’s real equity. You own the horse,” MyRaceHorse CEO and founder Michael Behrens tells InsideHook.

Are horse syndicates worth it?

Many people choose horse racing syndicates because they work out more cost-effective than owning horses outright. In some cases, you may be able to make stable visits to see your horse up close! Some of the biggest and most celebrated prize winners have come from syndicate ownership and stables.

Is buying a racehorse a good investment?

Still, if you think owning a racehorse is a good bet, think again. It’s a gamble that probably won’t pay off. Horses can be money pits, sucking your wallet dry with fees, taxes and vet bills. Moreover, horse racing itself is going through tough economic times.

Who owns the horse authentic?

Authentic (racehorse)

Owner Spendthrift Farm, MyRaceHorse Stable, Madaket Stables , Starlight Racing and Rick Marianacci
Trainer Bob Baffert
Record 8: 6-2-0
Earnings $7,201,200

Can I buy a share in a racehorse?

Racehorse Ownership Club offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to buy a small share in a racehorse performance for a year for a one-off payment. There is no bloodstock equity and therefore there are no ongoing costs for training fees or vet bills or indeed any of the costs involved during the one-year term.

Who owns Forbidden Kingdom?

Wayne Hughes, whose Spendthrift Farm owns 49% of Forbidden Kingdom. MyRacehorse has the other 51% of the horse.

How much does a race horse cost?

Racehorses are very costly investments. Just purchasing one will set you back an average of $75,000, though some sell for several million and others can be purchased for just a few thousand. No matter what you paid initially, you can expect to shell out several thousand more each month for upkeep and training.

How much does it cost to buy shares in a racehorse?

Typically, there are ten to 20 people in each syndicate and two horses. Share prices range from £6,950 to £47,500 plus VAT (although this is later claimed back on the owners’ behalf).

Who started my racehorse?

Michael Behrens is the app creator and founder of MyRacehorse ( MyRacehorse owned a 12.5 percent stake in the Derby colt and sold micro shares of Authentic ownership to 5,314 people — almost 1,000 of whom signed up on Derby day.

How do you become a race horse owner?

Consider the following points prior to claiming a horse:

  1. Review the jurisdiction’s claiming rules. Claiming rules differ from state to state.
  2. Complete the paperwork. Obtain the proper owner’s license.
  3. Take possession of the horse. Title and risk pass to the new owner immediately upon selection as the successful claim.

Who owns Australian bloodstock?

Australian Bloodstock Directors Luke Murrell and Jamie Lovett have enjoyed much success in the business world and have brought that success to racing, a sport which is their absolute passion.

Who owns the horse Potters corner?

The owner of POTTERS CORNER (IRE) is All Stars Sports, Davies & RacehorseClub and his current trainer is Christian Williams. The pedigree for POTTERS CORNER (IRE) is: INDIAN DANEHILL (IRE) WOODFORD BEAUTY (IRE) PHARDANTE (FR).

How do racehorse syndicates work?

A syndicate allows multiple people to purchase equal shares in a horse which cuts ownership costs, allowing more people to take part in the ownership. For example, five people decide to form a group to purchase 5% in a racehorse. Each member owns 1% of the horse and also 1% of the horse’s upkeep during its career.

Who owns the Lir Jet horse?

Profile. RacehorseClub is delighted to have bought into The Lir Jet in partnership with Qatar Racing Ltd.

How many mares did Authentic breed?

Authentic, also a Spendthrift stallion, was a close second with 229 mares with what was his first book of mares. He stands for $70,000. Both Goldencents and Authentic are by Spendthrift’s Into Mischief.

What is American Pharoah stud fee?

Coolmore’s other Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, has been set at $80,000–he previously stood for $100,000. Munnings has seen a significant increase for 2022, up to $85,000 from $40,000.

How old is Authentic horse?

Kentucky Derby winner, Breeders’ Cup Classic winner, Champion Three-Year-Old and 2020 Horse of the Year Authentic is the outstanding son of Champion Sire and Champion Sire of Two-Year-Olds, Into Mischief.

Is owning a racehorse tax deductible?

These benefits include making all race horses depreciable over three years; the ability to immediately expense or write-off up to $500,000 in depreciable business property; and bonus depreciation, which allows the deduction of 50% of the cost of new property purchased and placed in service.

What is a claiming race in horse racing?

A claiming race is a race in which every horse running can be “claimed” or purchased after the race. It is open to current owners, new owners or those getting back in the sport. It is a simple, quick and easy way to purchase a racehorse that is ready to run straight away.

Who gets the prize money in horse racing?

A The owner receives 75% of the prize money the remaining 25% is split between the trainer 10%, the jockey 10%, stable staff and racing charities 5%.

Where is Derby winner Authentic?

Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic winner Authentic has been retired at the peak of his career and will be sent to Spendthrift Farm in Lexington, Ky., to start a career as a stallion.

Who owns Derby winner Authentic?

Wayne Hughes, owner of 2020 Kentucky Derby winner Authentic, dies. LOS ANGELES (AP) — B. Wayne Hughes, the founder and chairman of Public Storage whose passion for horse racing culminated with a victory by Authentic in the 2020 Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic, died Wednesday. He was 87.

What is the stud fee for Into Mischief?


Stallion 2022 Fee 2021 Fee
Into Mischief $250,000 $225,000
Authentic $70,000 $75,000

Can you invest in a horse?

Businesses such as SportBLX and are offering shares of racehorses to investors. For less than $100 a share, people can own a fraction of race winnings, stud fees and other revenue. It also opens doors to opportunities to attend events.

How much is a racing horse UK?

The typical purchase price of a racehorse can vary hugely from several thousands of pounds to millions. The price depends on their pedigree, physique and, if they’ve raced already, performance. It’s common for owners to pay an initial purchase price of between £10,000 and £20,000 or more for a thoroughbred in the UK.

How do you buy a racehorse?

Racehorses are usually purchased at public auction before they are old enough to have started their racing careers. As foals, yearlings (one year old) or two-year-olds, they remain untried commodities at the time of their sale. They can also be bought during their racing careers at sales featuring horses in training.