Things I wish I knew before getting a Dog

A dog is a bundle of happiness and love that won’t let you down. It also has a wet nose that will always be in your business. Before getting a dog, you and your roommate should think about it and talk about it in depth (s). I know this because I got a dog when I fell in love with one out of the blue, and I had no idea what would happen next.

I never wish I hadn’t done something, but I do wish I had known some things before I got the dog.

Make your house dog-proof.

When your child starts crawling or walking, do you know that your things are no longer safe? So, it’s the same with a dog. As soon as your new pet comes inside, he will find all the things he shouldn’t touch and break them. To stop this from happening, make sure your house is pet-proof. Kneel down and take a look around. All of the breakable things need to be moved to higher shelves, and all of the potentially dangerous things, like wires, need to be hidden or tied down.

Second, you need to make sure that everyone in the house knows what the rules are for the new dog. Where can he go, where can’t he go, and so on. If not everyone is on the same page about the dog when it comes, you might have problems in the future.

Be ready to pay for things

Whether you buy or adopt a dog, you’ll have to pay more than a fee. A dog is a living thing, so he needs food, toys, a spay or neuter, a microchip, training classes, and a lot more. The vet will become a regular part of your life, since dogs also get sick and need to be treated. Other monthly costs include shots and medicine to keep fleas away.

Leashes, collars, and other dog supplies can also be a little pricey, even though you will probably only need two of them in different sizes. If you live in a place with more than one season, your dog may need a coat. Add to these costs the cost of random treats and toys, because who can resist spoiling a child?!

Find out what a dog can eat and what it can’t.

Some of the foods that people eat are fine for dogs to eat, but there are other foods that can hurt or even kill them. Before you get a dog, it’s very important to know what he needs to eat. Even though you won’t be feeding him human food, there are different kinds of dog food.

Even though most dogs will eat almost anything, there are good dog foods and bad dog foods, just like there are good foods and junk foods for people. To choose the best foods for your dog and save money, you need to know what he needs nutritionally. Most dogs don’t actually need expensive grain-free or gluten-free foods. By the way, the price of dog food doesn’t always tell you anything about how good it is.

Puppies are little devils in disguise

If puppies weren’t cute, you’d probably kill them. If you get a puppy, you should be prepared for it to chew, pee, poop, and cry for a few weeks. Puppies do grow fast, but when you haven’t slept in days, your couch is covered in poop, your floor is covered in pee, and you are covered in stain remover, that puppy really needs to grow fast and be super-cute.

Dogs have a lot of friends

Dogs need you and the rest of the family because they are social animals. The stories Cesar Millan tells about the pack leader are all true. Dogs love their family members and can’t stand being alone. If you like to travel a lot, you should know that you will now have to bring the dog with you.

When you have a dog, you’ll never be alone again, not even in the bathroom. Or, in the bathroom in particular. Even though dogs are naturally social, they still need to be trained and socialized if you want a friendly, well-behaved dog.

Financial Responsibility

Your dog will become a family member. Having a dog costs money, just like having kids. The initial costs of having a dog can range from $300 to $1,000, and there will also be costs every year.

One-Time Expenses:

  • The fee to adopt: $50 to $200
  • $200 for spaying or neutering
  • Training: $100 – $150
  • First visit to the vet: $70
  • Leash: $20
  • Crate/cage: $60 – $120 (depending on size)

Total: $500-$760

Annual Expenses:

  • Food: $120 – $200 (depending on size) (depending on size)
  • $250 for immunizations and medical checkups
  • License: $15
  • $35–$50 for bones and toys
  • Miscellaneous: $50

Total: $470-$565

Optional Expenses:

  • $200 to $240 per year for pet health insurance
  • $10 to $100 per month for pet life insurance
  • Boarding (if you travel): $25 – $75 per day

Total: $235-$415

Dogs have different personalities.

You might be a shy person, but I’m not. I’d rather be out with people as much as possible. Just like people, every dog has its own personality. Gemma, my pitbull mix, likes to cuddle and curl up in my arms at night, while Morgan, my rottweiler mix, likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed by herself. Dogs have emotions, likes, and dislikes. Before I got a dog, I had no idea how common these personality traits are.

Before you get a dog, it’s important to understand and learn about these differences. Huskies are very active dogs that have been used as sled dogs for many generations. They usually have a personality that is very happy and a little bit wild. If you live in the city in a one-bedroom apartment, you probably shouldn’t get an active dog. I think you should meet any dog you might want to adopt at the shelter first. I really believe that all dogs can get over being abused. Get an older, calmer dog if you don’t have the knowledge or patience to work with a rescue dog, which is likely to be shy.

It takes a lot of time.

I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to stay in bed instead of taking the dog for a walk in a 15° snowstorm, but they have to go out. I love being with my dogs as much as possible. Not everyone feels this way about their dogs. Many people think it’s a chore to take care of their dogs. Some of the things you have to do for your dog, like cleaning, feeding, and so on, will be like chores, but the same is true for a child or an elderly family member.

Every day at 4 p.m., when I get off of work, I usually go to the gym and an AA meeting. On some days, if no one else can stop home to let the dogs out, I have to stop home first. This could put my plans back by about an hour, but it needs to be done. Before you get a dog, you should be ready to change your plans. You can’t just leave your dog at home for 12 to 14 hours and then sit on the couch when you get back. They need to be loved and to move around.

Accidents Will Happen

Gemma, our Pitbull mix, left us a nice gift on the floor of the basement last week. Gemma has lived with us for 8 years, and she has only gone to the bathroom in the house less than 5 times in that time. Despite this, accidents still occur. Dogs get sick just like us, they have upset stomachs just like us. Be ready to clean up after mistakes. If you get a puppy, this will happen more often as you teach it where the bathroom is.

I’m ashamed to say it, but when I was addicted, I had accidents in my own pants. You can’t get mad when things go wrong. I get mad when I find a log on the floor, but I also know that my dogs are living things that make mistakes just like we do.


My whole family loves animals. This is something that a lot of families have in common. Your dog will become a family member. Sometimes I worry about my dogs more than I do about my parents. My bad, Mom. Sad to say, a dog’s life span is usually between 10 and 14 years, depending on the breed. Right now, my Rotten Morgan is 14 years old. When we have to take her to the vet, I freak out and think about the worst that could happen. Every day, enjoy life with your dogs. Just like everything else, they won’t be around forever. Here is a chart from PetMD that shows the average life span of each breed: Lifespan of Dogs by Breed.

A lot of patience is needed.

Your tolerance will be put to the test. I know for sure that mine has. When I got home, my brand-new shoes were torn to pieces. My dad woke up, and the first thing he did was step into a nice brown pile of poop. You will learn how to deal with problems better if you have a dog. When either of these things happen, yelling and screaming doesn’t make things better. The key is to wait. Be patient and remember that your dog doesn’t know that those are new shoes or that scratching the new couch is bad. You need to teach them how to do things and be patient with them.

Training always goes on.

If you want your dog to be well-mannered, you need to start training right away. It will be easier to train your dog if you start as soon as possible. I thought that a month or two of training would be enough… Nope. Dogs are very smart, but they need to be trained over and over again for the rest of their lives. Every time I feed Gemma, I make her sit, shake, and stay in front of the bowl of food until I say “ok.” It took about two weeks to teach her this at first, but now she only needs 10 seconds a day to keep up.

There are a lot of great trainers who can help you train your dog. Also, training classes are available at big stores like Petco and Petsmart. When I got Morgan, I took her to Petsmart for an 8-week training course. I liked that there were other dogs in the class, so she had to learn to listen to me even when there were other dogs and other things going on.

If something looks or smells good, the dog will try to eat it.

Think about this… A long piece of dental floss is coming out of Gemma’s rear end. I pull on it, but it keeps coming out. Now, a nice 4-foot-long piece of dental floss is out ” O THAT’S NASTY “. Dogs will eat whatever looks or smells good to them. When we have pets, we have to be careful about what we leave around the house. If a plate of food is left near the edge of the dinner table at my house, I better pay attention because it will be gone in a hurry.

Fleas and ticks really stink.

Small bloodsuckers like these can be a dog’s worst enemy. I took a dog training class at Petsmart, and one of the things we learned was to rub our dogs all over every night to check for anything unusual. When you do this, check for a small bump that feels like a big pimple. There might be a tick. On my dogs, I’ve found dozens of ticks. Even though we protect against ticks and fleas, they still get in.

If you find a tick on your dog, you can pull it off with tweezers. You should get as close to the tick as you can without hurting your dog. Don’t turn the tweezers, just pull straight out. Ticks dig into your dog’s skin, and even if you twist the tweezers, the front claws of the ticks will often still be in your dog’s skin. You can keep the tick and take it to your vet so he or she can check for Lyme disease or other diseases that can spread. Once the tick is off, clean the infected bite and kill the tick by soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Then, throw the ticks away in the right way. Don’t just throw the tick away or flush it down the toilet, because it can easily get back out.

It’s important to eat well.

You get back what you put in. Dogs are just like us. When I eat fast food all day, I can tell at the gym that I have less energy. Dogs are the same way. If you buy the cheapest dog food you can find, you’re giving your dog all the leftover animal parts mixed with preservatives and junk. This will show in how much energy your dog has, how often it poops, and how long it lives in general. You wouldn’t give fake baby formula with who knows what in it to your child, so don’t do it to your dog. Do some research and look around to find good brands of dog food, many of which are very cheap.

It’s a pain to cut their nails.

The nails of dogs grow pretty quickly. In as little as two to three weeks, the nails can grow back to their normal size. This varies depending on breed. If your dog’s nails get too long, it can cause a lot of trouble. Morgan My rotty has a nail that sticks out and grows almost parallel to the ground. Two years ago, she got it caught on something, and we had to take her to the vet for a small procedure to fix the nail and stitch up the skin where she tore the nail and skin out. Some dogs will sit still while you cut their nails, while others will try to run away.

I chose to pay the 18 dollars once a month and take my dogs to the vet to get it done. If you can’t afford to take your dogs to the vet every month to get their nails trimmed, there are some great products that make the job easier for you and your dog.

They also need baths.

Everybody gets dirty and smelly. Dogs love to get dirty. We live near Irondequoit Bay, and Gemma loves to roll around on top of dead fish. It’s gross! Imagine that your dog jumps into bed with you and curls up on your blanket, and the smell of rotting fish is so strong that it makes you gag. Of course, dogs also need to get clean. Canine Journal says that you should give your dog a bath at least once every three months and up to twice a month.

Even dogs get cold.

As I write this article, the temperature in Rochester, New York, is 18. I can’t stand to think about all the dogs that are left outside. People often think that dogs don’t get cold, or at least don’t get as cold as people do. I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about dogs before I got one of my own. Even though dogs are related to wolves and have fur, that doesn’t mean they never get cold.

When it’s 25° or less outside, Gemma starts to hobble about 12 to 15 minutes into a walk because her paws are so cold. If your dogs spend a lot of time outside, please make sure they have a place to go (dog house, garage) that is insulated or heated.

Dogs Don’t Sweat Like Humans

Dogs’ sweat glands are only on their paws, not on their skin. Dogs pant to move air through their bodies and lower their body temperature. Their fur acts like a coat. Try running around with a coat on when it’s 85 degrees outside. Dogs feel the same way. Make sure they have plenty of water and a place to cool off in the shade. For panting to work, they need to keep their mouths moist and hydrated.