What channel on Freeview is S4C?

Freeview (4), S4C HD (104) Sky (104) Virgin Media TV (104) Freesat (104)

What is S4C TV channel?

S4C is a Welsh language television channel. We transmit live between 6 in the morning and late at night. It is also possible to watch our programmes and videos on other digital platforms at times that suit you.

Is S4C a BBC channel?

S4C programmes are available on BBC iPlayer as this builds on our partnership with S4C and makes their programmes available in more ways than ever. They join the Welsh-language programmes created by BBC Cymru that are already available on BBC iPlayer, such as Pobol y Cwm.

Can I watch S4C in English?

Accessing English language commentary – Sky Q

Scroll to Preferences and select Go to Audio Language press the centre button and change it from English to Welsh, also make sure Audio Description is set to off. This will ensure you have English language commentary on S4C when it is available automatically.

How do I watch S4C on my TV?

S4C is available on Sky 134, Freesat 120 and Virgin TV 166 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It broadcasts live online at s4c. cymru/clic/ throughout the UK. S4C also has an online, on demand catch up service, s4c.

Is S4C BBC or ITV?

BBC Cymru Wales produces programmes for S4C as part of its public service remit, including the news service Newyddion.

Is S4C the same as Channel 4?

S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru – Channel Four Wales) started broadcasting at 18:00 on Monday 1 November 1982. To begin with, 22 hours of Welsh language programmes were broadcast every week, alongside English programmes from the Channel 4 service.

Can I watch rugby on S4C?

Watch live matches from the United Rugby Championship on S4C.

What channel number is S4C on BT TV?


NumberService Name
103ITV1 HD
104Channel 4 HD S4C HD (Wales)
105Channel 5 HD
106BBC Four HD

Why can’t I get S4C on Freeview?

S4C will return to channel 104 in High Definition on Freeview from 28 March 2022. Viewers will be able to enjoy S4C in High Definition from 7.00 pm throughout the week and from 2.00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. S4C’s High Definition service ended in 2012 following cuts to the channel’s budget.

Can you get sc4 on Freeview?

As a result, viewers can watch all of S4C’s primetime programmes in high definition. Programmes shown earlier in the day will continue to be SD only, via S4C’s existing service on Freeview channel 4. S4C HD weekend afternoon programmes, including live sport will also be available on Freeview.

How do I get S4C English on iplayer?


  1. Press the services button on your handset.
  2. Using the arrow buttons, move the highlight yellow line down to system set up.
  3. Press the select button on your handset.
  4. Use arrow buttons to highlight the 3rd option, language and subtitles.
  5. Press the select button on your handset.

How do I get S4C on Firestick?

The S4C Clic app is available on Amazon Fire TV devices via the app marketplace. Please note: The S4C Clic app isn’t currently pre-loaded on any Amazon Fire TV devices in the UK, and as such will need be downloaded. The S4C Clic app is available on Xbox One S|X and Xbox Series S|X consoles via the Microsoft Store.

Has ITV changed its name?

2022 rebranding

On 15 November 2022, ITV renamed the channel back from ITV to ITV1 which was used as the name on the channel between 2001 to 2013. ITV1 also received a rebranding, as part of a redesign of all ITV’s main channels, being carried out in tandem with the launch of the streaming service ITVX.

Do I need a TV Licence to watch S4C?

You must be covered by a TV Licence (including a free TV Licence) to use BBC iPlayer. This applies to any device you use. You don’t need a licence to watch S4C programmes on demand.

Is Wales v South Africa on TV?

Wales’ deciding Test against South Africa is exclusively live on Sky Sports on Saturday; coverage on starts at 3:30pm on Sky Sports Action with kick-off at 4:05pm; the match is part of a bumper day with Ireland, England and Scotland all playing deciding Tests on Sky Sports.

Can I watch rugby on Amazon Prime after the match?

Match replays and highlights will be available shortly after the end of the match.

Is Wales vs Africa on S4C?

How can I watch it? Each game is live on Sky Sports. There will also be extended highlights on S4C each Saturday night.

Can I get Freeview channels on BT TV?

Freeview channels are available on BT TV through your TV aerial (on the TV Box Pro), you can also watch a selection of subscription free channels via your broadband internet connection (on the TV Box Pro and TV Box Mini).

How do I get Channel 4 on BT TV?

Re-tune channels

Try re-tuning your box and scanning for channels: Press the Home (or YouView) button. Go to Settings > Signal & Connection > TV Channels > Retune Channels.

Can I watch Disney plus on BT TV?

In addition to your packaged digital TV channels, BT TV customers can add on monthly passes to other streaming services, including: Disney Plus.

Can you watch S4C on Freeview?

It is vital that we are able to offer the best service possible to our viewers. The 104 HD channel will provide S4C with a stable home on Freeview and ensure that we are now on HD across all platforms.”

What is channel 52 on Freeview?

Channel number: 52

movies classic features everything from old-school greats to modern masterpieces.

What channel is 25 on Freeview?

On 15 February 2016, the channel was rebranded as W.W (British TV channel)

FreeviewChannel 25

Is S4C the same as Channel 4?

S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru – Channel Four Wales) started broadcasting at 18:00 on Monday 1 November 1982. To begin with, 22 hours of Welsh language programmes were broadcast every week, alongside English programmes from the Channel 4 service.