What eats algae in a turtle tank?

Plecos (the common name for plecostomus), aka a sucker fish, is a fish in the catfish group that are popular pets. Plecos are algae eaters of varying colors. Some can grow to be two feet long in a large tank.

Can turtles eat algae?

Not every breed of turtles but some of them such as red-eared sliders, wood turtles, midland painted turtles eat algae. These species of turtles have algae from waterways, swamped rocks, or plants. Though most of them eat both herbs and meat, only a few species of turtles love to eat algae.

What animals will clean my turtle tank?

Ghost shrimp are basically little eating machines. That’s pretty much all they do; and in the process of doing it, they also do a great job of cleaning the bottom of your turtle’s tank of leftovers and other detritus. They also eat certain kinds of algae and diatoms.

Can you keep plecos with turtles?

Plecostomus – eat algae & commonly kept with turtles. Comes in many varieties & some (like the Zebra Pleco.) don’t eat algae.