What fish can live with Roseline sharks?

Medium sized community fish are ideal tank mates for them. Gouramis, Barbs, Cichlids, Corydoras, Plecostomus, smaller Stingrays, and other good sized fish are ideal companions. Be careful when choosing Cichlids as Roseline Sharks are good sized but very slim.

Are Roseline sharks actually sharks?

The Roseline Shark (Sahyadria denisonii) is an active freshwater fish that inhabits rivers of the Western Ghats in India. In the aquarium hobby, Roseline Sharks are also known as Denison Barb, Miss Kerala, and Red Line Torpedo Barb.

How many Roseline sharks should you get?

A single Roseline Shark would get lonely. It would be more likely to become stressed, making it prone to picking up disease or succumbing to other health issues. Aim for a group of at least 6. They will enjoy being in larger groups, but you may not have an aquarium large enough.

Are Denison barbs aggressive?

Denison barbs are generally peaceful, but when they are kept in less space than they require, they will aggressively compete with other species at feeding time. They are not fin-nippers, but care should be taken to keep them with species that are similar or larger in size.

Are Roseline sharks peaceful?

In the wild, roseline sharks congregate in schools. They’re peaceful, active fish that prefer the company of their own kind. And if you want to prevent potential problems from erupting in your tank, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Social interaction is critical with this species.

How fast do Roseline sharks grow?

5-6 in a year if well fed and a larger tank.

What is a Roseline Shark?

The Roseline Shark, also known as the Denison Barb, or the Red Lined Torpedo Barb is longer than other common Barbs. It can be identified by its silver base and black line running across the length of its body, also a red stripe running horizontaly across its eyes and to half of its body length.

What do Roseline sharks eat?

The fish enjoy brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, and spirulina. Blanched vegetables work great, too. Author Note: Feed your Denison Barbs twice a day. Only provide enough food that they can consume in about two minutes to preserve water quality and avoid overfeeding.

Can I keep one Denison Barb?

Tankmates. The Red Comet barb is typically a peaceful fish. However, the species can be aggressive if you only keep one or two fish in your tank, so it’s best to keep them in a school of at least six and with species of fish of a similar or larger size.

Are Roseline sharks bottom feeders?

Feeding Roseline Sharks

Roseline sharks are ravenous and will eat just about anything you offer them. They prefer to eat their food mid-water or from the bottom of the tank, so I would avoid anything floating as it’ll likely pollute your tank long before it gets eaten but, otherwise, anything goes.

Can Roseline sharks go with discus?

They are very active, fast-moving fish that can become quite aggressive over food, and even though I haven’t personally kept them with discus, I believe they would tend to stress discus, intimidate them, and out-compete them for food.

How many Denison barbs should I get?

The Denison’s Barb is a schooling fish that should be kept in a group of at least 6 to 8 fish. If these requirements are met, the Denison’s Barb is an excellent aquarium fish that is worthy of being the centerpiece of any peaceful aquarium!

How many Denison barbs should be kept together?

Denison Barbs are a shoaling species, so they need to be in a group of at least 6. For each additional fish, make sure you have an extra five gallons of water.

Are Denison barbs schooling fish?

The Denison Barb is a schooling species that uses all levels of an aquarium. This provides a great deal of flexibility in setting up a habitat and caring for your fish. They are active and need a tank that will allow them plenty of swimming room but also a variety of habitats to explore.

Are Roseline sharks schooling fish?

Activity Level/Temperament

Although the Roseline Shark is a peaceful fish, they are extremely active, darting around the tank in a beautiful, sparkling school.

Do Roseline barbs eat plants?

The Roseline Shark will eat some hair algae, BBA, and other algae types but may also feed on soft-leaved plants, but does not like anubias plants, swords or grasses.

Do Roseline sharks eat shrimp?

Roselines are omnivorous. They eat anything from fissidens to beef heart. They also have bottomless pits for stomachs so, yeah. They will eat shrimp.

How big does a rainbow shark get?

Rainbow Shark Size

Rainbow Sharks can grow up to a maximum size of 6 inches (15 cm) when they reach maturity. However, the average purchase size is typically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5cm). Rainbow Sharks can grow fast especially in the first year.

How many Denison barbs are in a 75 gallon tank?

But anyways, to cut to the answer, 5 roselines/dension barbs can be “okay” for a 75 gallon, though I personally would prefer them in longer footprint (5-6+ ft wide) tanks as they are larger active swimmers.

Are Denison barbs captive bred?

The study is from 2015 and it’s the first ever successful captive breeding of Denison barbs. As you can see, breeding these fish in captivity requires quite a bit of “medical intervention” and unlike other barbs species that will breed naturally even in captivity, Denison barbs require hormonally induced breeding.

Can Roseline Sharks go with discus?

They are very active, fast-moving fish that can become quite aggressive over food, and even though I haven’t personally kept them with discus, I believe they would tend to stress discus, intimidate them, and out-compete them for food.

Are Roseline Sharks a schooling fish?

A fish with many names, the Roseline Shark, Redline Torpedo Shark, or Denisonii Barb is a vividly colored schooling fish found in the fast moving streams of Western India.

Can Denison Barb live alone?

It’s best to keep a small group of Denison Barbs together.

These fish do not do well when they’re alone and rely on social interaction to stay healthy.

What do Roseline sharks eat?

Roseline Shark Diet and Feeding

It would be best if you fed Roseline Shark flakes and pellets. Additionally, you can add live and frozen foods in the aquarium for Roseline Shark to eat. They can eat brine, shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, spirulina, and a few blanched vegetables as treats.