What food is toxic to hamsters?


  • Apple seeds.
  • Raw beans.
  • Raw potatoes.
  • Almonds.
  • Citrus fruit.
  • Garlic.
  • Onions.
  • Rhubarb leaves or raw rhubarb.

Can hamsters eat dairy?

Hamsters can have mild cheese, in moderation. They can also have low-fat cottage cheese as well as low-fat or fat-free yogurt. You want to avoid unhealthy dairy products, such as ice cream, which may be high in fat, sugar and calories.

What is a hamsters favorite thing to eat?

Hamsters enjoy leafy greens such as dandelions and clover, and fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, carrots and cabbage.

What food do hamsters love the most?

In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, hamsters love whole grain breads and cereals. Also, protein is an important part of a hamster’s diet as well. Plain scrambled or boiled eggs are a nice treat. The thing to remember when fixing your hamsters’ dinner is that moderation and variety are very important.

Can hamsters get drunk?

Our feeling of oneness only increases with an article in The Atlantic forwarded to us by Peter Hamer: “You have no idea how hard it is to get a hamster drunk”. Hamsters have a high tolerance for strong alcohol, we read, scoring low on a special scale of falling over sideways no matter how much they imbibe.

Can hamsters eat egg?

In the wild, hamsters are omnivores, which means they eat meat as well as fruit and vegetables. You will need to give your hamster some protein. Twice a week, give him a slice of hard-boiled egg, a teaspoonful of cottage cheese, scrambled egg, or a sliver of cooked chicken.

Can hamsters have grapes?

Hamsters can have grapes, but they should only ever be offered very small portions, twice a week at most. Grapes do contain antioxidants and vitamins but don’t provide any nutrients that your hamster can’t get from their regular portions of hamster pellets and vegetables.

What makes a hamster happy?

One thing your hamster is going to enjoy, regardless of which type of cage you choose, is a lot of room to roam around and explore. This can help to keep your hamster happy and also provide him with a considerable amount of exercise, which is essential for good health.

What do hamsters love as a treat?

Hamsters can enjoy many kinds of fresh veggies, such as spinach, carrots, cucumbers, squash, and pumpkin. Seeds, nuts and grains. While nuts and seeds are perhaps the most popular hamster snacks, they should be given in moderation—this owing to their fatty content. Hay.

How often should you feed a hamster?

Hamsters eat 12 grams (about 1 tablespoon) of food daily mostly at night. Be observant of your hamster food intake they often hoard food in a corner. Carefully select commercial pellets that contain 15-20% protein.

What keeps hamster busy?

Hamsters are curious animals that love to explore, so it’s only natural to supply your active hamster with toys to keep them physically and mentally stimulated, including toys that encourage running, digging, burrowing, and chewing.

How much attention does a hamster need a day?

They don’t require a lot of attention, get enough exercise running on their wheel, and are cute, cuddly, and pleasant to hold. They can make an excellent starter pet for some children. Unfortunately, hamsters don’t come with care instructions.

What do hamster like in their cage?

Plastic wheels are best for hamsters. Plenty of toys and interactive games so they don’t get bored. Hamsters enjoy climbing, ladders, tubes, shelves, cardboard boxes and other interactive toys. Keep their toys and cage the same week-on-week as hamsters find sudden changes stressful.

Can hamsters get mad at you?

Like all animals, hamsters have the ability to communicate with one another and with their owners. They use body language much like we do and can display a range of emotions that include being happy, afraid, threatened, curious, startled, angry and many other emotions.

Can a hamster be smart?

People who own hamsters will not be surprised by this. They know that hamsters are smart. They learn to recognise their owners’ voices, and will even respond to some commands.

What are signs of a bored hamster?

Symptoms of a Bored Hamster

Lethargy- You hamster may sleep more than usual, or just lay around when he is awake. This is uncommon as hamsters are normally very active and inquisitive animals. Bar Chewing- A hamster that is bored will look for avenues for entertainment.

Can hamsters eat chicken?

If you’re too squeamish to handle insects, hamsters can also eat some cooked meats. Cooked chicken and cooked beef are safe to feed to hamsters. Raw meat should never be given to hamsters, and meat should be cooked without any seasonings.

What should I give my hamster for breakfast?

  • Sugarless breakfast cereals or grains.
  • Greens.
  • Seeds.
  • Carrots.
  • Apples.
  • Raisins.
  • Peas.
  • Pepper.

Can hamsters eat rice?

Hamsters can eat rice. It is safe to feed them both cooked and uncooked rice. Use caution when feeding cooked rice, too moist or overcooked rice can create issues for your hamster.

Can hamsters bread?

So can hamsters eat bread ? Yes, hamsters can eat bread. They should not have much of it though, because they gain very little nutrition from regular, white bread.

Can hamsters have tomatoes?

Safely Feeding Tomatoes

Your hamster only needs a teaspoon full of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. A safe amount of tomato for your hamster should be no more than half a teaspoon’s worth, and tomato should be a rare treat rather than a staple food in your hamster’s regular diet.

Can hamsters have celery?

Celery is a wonderful, beneficial, tasty snack for your hamster. As with every snack, it should be provided in moderation. There are numerous health advantages and very few negatives regarding feeding your tiny buddy this healthy vegetable.

What is the most common cause of death in hamsters?

A survey encompassing 87,880 hamsters from US-based animal research breeding organisations reported wet tail, pneumonia, and neoplasia as the most common and most important naturally occurring diseases (Renshaw et al. 1975).

What is the number one cause of death for hamsters?

Heart Disease

Congestive heart failure in hamsters is a likely cause of death for hamsters that die suddenly.

Can hamsters eat any human food?

Human fresh foods are generally safe for hamsters. Introduce fresh foods only in moderate amounts. Always remove the seeds from fruits. As a rule, avoid anything with high salt or spice content.

What happens if hamsters eat meat?

Meat is a healthy hamster food as well as a good source of protein. Since wild hamsters eat insects, you might feed your hamster live or dried crickets or mealworms. If you’re too squeamish to handle insects, hamsters can also eat some cooked meats. Cooked chicken and cooked beef are safe to feed to hamsters.