What herbs can’t be mixed together?

Herbal products and prescription drugs aren’t always a good mix….When herbals hurt

  • Fenugreek. People with diabetes should watch out for this herb, Gorin noted.
  • Melatonin. Don’t mix this with sedatives such as benzodiazepines, narcotics, and some antidepressants.
  • St. John’s wort.
  • Gingko biloba.
  • Echinacea.
  • Schisandra.

Are there any herbs you can’t plant together?

Fennel and cilantro: Incredibly competitive, so don’t grow these herbs together. Rue, sage and basil: Can all damage each other by inhibiting each other’s growth. Dill and lavender: Won’t grow well together because dill prefers acidic soil, instead of lavender preferring alkaline soil.

Can you mix all herbs together?

Many different pairing of herbs can be planted together. Generally, herbs that like the same environment can be planted together. Herbs that are commonly planted together are sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, lavender, and oregano, among others.

What herbs mix well together?

Spice Pairings for Side Dishes (Carbs)

Side Dish Ingredient Pairs Well With
Potatoes Basil, Caraway, Chives, Coriander, Dill, Fennel, Lovage, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme
Rice Basil, Fennel, Lovage, Saffron, Tarragon, Thyme
Stuffing (Bread) Garlic, Marjoram, Onion, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme

What herbs go with basil?

Chamomile, oregano, and chives.

Basil can be planted next to some flowering herbs, like chamomile, chives, and oregano, which increase the strength of the essential oils in their herb garden neighbors. This makes basil more flavorful in culinary applications and effective in the garden as a pest deterrent.

What can you not plant near rosemary?

Rosemary also enjoys the company of beans, cabbage, and hot peppers. Keep rosemary a good distance away from carrots, potatoes, and pumpkins and away from all other herbs aside from sage.

Can you plant chamomile and rosemary together?

Chamomile is an Excellent Companion Plant

If you have chamomile plants next to other herbs like basil, rosemary, and mint it will help to increase their oil production, making them more potent.

Can you plant basil and rosemary together?

While horticulturalists don’t consider rosemary and basil as companion plants that benefit each other, they safely coexist in your garden. Both rosemary and basil add flavor to salads, sauces and main dishes. Plant rosemary and basil together in an herb garden or in pots next to the back door to quickly season meals.

Can I plant basil and parsley together?

Basil is a great companion planting to a wide variety of herbs and plants like parsley, rosemary, oregano, and chili. Since it can repel harmful insects as well as mosquitoes, a lot of herbs can benefit greatly from having it planted in close proximity in full sun with good drainage.

Can I plant mint and parsley together?

Parsley is versatile and really easy to grow. It can flourish alongside most plants, with tomatoes in particular making an excellent companion. Mint, however should not be planted with parsley. Parsley enjoys a full or partial sun environment and moist soil, although is also tolerant to drier conditions.

Can thyme and basil be planted together?

Although a variety of herbs (and even flowers, like marigolds and nasturtiums) can often be planted together, certain kinds like parsley, cilantro, tarragon, basil and chives prefer a more moist soil, and should not be planted directly with thyme.

Do rosemary and basil taste good together?

Rosemary. Herbs and Spices: Pairs really well with oregano, basil, sage, parsley, nutmeg, thyme, cumin, star anise, and mint.

What other herbs go well with thyme?

Thyme. Characteristics: The tiny leaves on this low-growing woody plant work best in tandem with other herbs and spices such as basil, sage, and lavender.

Do cilantro and basil go together?

Basil and cilantro can be planted together in the same growing container or garden bed; as both require moist fertile soil and full sun. Basil and cilantro are great companion plants to grow, as cilantros’ volatile oils may repel pests like aphids and beetles that would damage tender basil leaves.

What other herbs go with rosemary?

Many herbs go with rosemary. Blends like herbs de Provence combine rosemary, thyme, marjoram, oregano, and savory. Rosemary also pairs well with sage, basil, parsley, chives, garlic, bay leaves, cumin, nutmeg, star anise, and mint.

What should you not plant with basil?

Common Problems Pests That Impact the Basil Plant

  1. Aphids. Aphids, the glitter of the garden – they’re everywhere, they multiple by the minute, and they’re impossible to get rid of.
  2. 2. Japanese Beetles.
  3. Slugs & Snails.
  4. Anise.
  5. Asparagus.
  6. Beets.
  7. Borage.
  8. Broccoli.

What can you not plant with cilantro?

Avoid fruit-bearing plants like tomatoes and peppers, as these don’t do well alongside the nitrogen-bearing plants you may be planting by your cilantro. One good bet is to plant some tall annual flowers. Cosmos are easy to direct sow after danger of frost has passed.

What can you not plant with parsley?

There are a few plants that do not do well with parsley.

  • Alliums: Garlic, onions, shallots, and other alliums can stunt the growth of parsley.
  • Lettuce: When planted too close to lettuce, parsley can cause lettuce to bolt (go to seed) too early in the growing season.

Can rosemary and mint be planted together?

Mint and rosemary should not be planted together in the same growing container; as rosemary requires drier sandy soil, and mint requires moist fertile soil. Mint is also an invasive species, quickly overtaking garden beds.

What can tarragon be planted with?

Two of these, basil and parsley, also grow well with tarragon even though their needs are different. Basil is particularly nice because it acts as a pest controller for the tarragon and other plants, repelling whiteflies, mosquitos, hornworms, and aphids. Just be sure to water the moisture herbs more than the tarragon.

Can sage and rosemary be planted together?

Rosemary: Sage is one of the few herbs that grow well with rosemary. Try planting sage and rosemary together for a pungent herb garden.

What herbs can you plant with cilantro?

Basil, mint, yarrow and tansy are good choices for companion planting with cilantro. This cool season herb, sometimes called Mexican parsley, may experience warm season growth when planted under and shaded by tomatoes. Include jalapeno peppers and onion nearby by for everything you need for a salsa garden.