What is poisonous to donkeys?

As little as 20% of black walnut in the shavings can cause toxicity in horses or donkey. Red Maple (Acer rubrum) ingestion can cause destruction of the red blood cells when ingested by horses or donkeys. This can cause secondary kidney damage as well. Red or dark colored urine is typically the first sign seen.

What can donkeys eat and not eat?

They also have difficulty digesting potatoes, onions, eggplant, tomato, garlic, and peppers. In addition, donkeys need a simple and healthy diet, which is why you should not give them bread, cookies, or cakes. In any case, strictly avoid giving them processed foods, chocolate, dairy products, meat, or even horse feed.

Why can’t donkeys eat carrots?

Carrots are just as good for donkeys as they are for humans. But you do have to be careful. Too much of them could upset their stomachs and cause problems like diarrhea.

Can donkeys have chocolate?

Chocolate should be avoided. Never feed old, fermented, or moldy food or feed. Pesticides, herbicides, and rodenticides are all toxic to donkeys (and animals in general).

Can donkeys eat bread?

What do donkeys eat & drink – can I feed them? Donkeys usually eat barley straw, hay, grass (pasture) and various other things like bread, molasses & sugar beet which are mixed in with their feed, as well as carrots, apples, pears, turnip & swede.

Can donkeys eat avocados?

Horses, donkeys and ruminants like sheep and goats frequently get swollen, edematous heads and necks. When using avocado in your diet, be sure to be mindful of its potential danger to your pets or animals on your farm. If an animal ingests avocado, prompt decontamination is essential to prevent serious symptoms.

What can a donkey eat?

Donkeys eat barley straw, hay, and grass primarily for their diet. They are classified as herbivores as their large teeth and appetites are best suited for a plant-based diet.

Can donkeys eat lettuce?

Lettuce is safe to ingest and quite nutritious than other herbs and grasses. Donkeys adore this veggie and enjoy munching on lettuce. They love to feed on this leafy green primarily composed of water. It can be a valuable treat during summer to save them from being dehydrated.

What is a good diet for donkeys?

Donkeys ideally should have a diet consisting of 75% straw and 25% grass, hay or haylage in summer months. This changes to 50% straw and 25% hay or haylage in winter. Certain populations may need haylage or chop as the main part of their diet.

Can donkeys eat banana peels?

Carrots, apples, bananas, pears, turnips and swedes are all safe and usually very popular with donkeys. Ensure that chopped fruit and vegetables are cut in a way that minimises the risk of choking, such as in sticks.

Can donkeys eat whole oats?

You should feed your 7-month-old donkey no more than 2 cups of crimped oats mixed with an ounce of Mazola corn oil and about an ounce of a low protein vitamin supplement such as Sho Glo once a day. Feed and monitor weight gain with grass hay and pasture time.

Can donkeys eat parsnips?

Yes, donkeys can definitely eat parsnips. A maximum of a small handful per day can be a nice treat and has several health benefits. And donkeys usually love them!

Can donkeys eat wheat straw?

What kind of straw is best? Barley straw is the best all-rounder for most healthy donkeys, as it makes a good feeding and bedding straw and is readily available. Wheat straw is more fibrous than barley straw and more difficult to chew. We would usually only recommend feeding it to younger donkeys for this reason.

Can donkeys eat alfalfa?

Good grass hay is adequate for donkeys. Legume hay such as alfalfa is not recommended for the same reason that lush pasture is not good for donkeys. The digestibility is very high as is the energy and nutrient content.

Do donkeys like toys?

Yes, mini donkeys love playing with toys, and honestly, it’s quite fun to watch! Toss a large ball, hoola hoop or an old tire into their pen and they will entertain themselves and stop chewing on your barn!

Do donkeys eat strawberries?

We would recommend feeding only 1-2 leaves or one small handful-sized portion maximum per day. Bramble/wild strawberry/hedgerow – grazing on these will often tempt a sick donkey as the natural behaviour of foraging stimulates the appetite.

Can donkeys drink beer?

On to the next one: Can donkeys get drunk? The answer is yes, but they might need more bottles than humans. “The initial portion of their digestive tract is much like ours, so a 200-pound donkey would probably be affected by beer the same as a 200-pound person,” says Lawrence.

What minerals do donkeys need?

Other minerals commonly given to miniature donkeys include calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and magnesium. These minerals encourage health in miniature donkeys in an array of ways. Zinc helps keep hair in optimal condition.

Can a horse eat pasta?

Safe treats for horses

Other non-traditional, yet still perfectly acceptable foods include bread, pasta, macaroni, potato chips, fruit juice, hot dogs, hamburgers, and most dog and cat foods.

What foods are bad for horses?

Here are eight foods you should never feed your horse:

  • Chocolate. ©russellstreet/Flickr CC.
  • Persimmons.
  • Avocado.
  • Lawn clippings.
  • Pitted fruits.
  • Bread.
  • Potatoes and other nightshades.
  • Yogurt or other milk products.

Can horses eat raw potatoes?

Despite their delicious flavor, horses cannot eat potatoes because they are poisonous to equines, as are any other vegetable from the nightshade family. Potatoes are especially poisonous in their raw form, though you should not feed horses any form of potatoes.

Do donkeys eat rushes?

Unlike cattle, and to a lesser extent sheep, donkeys will eat rushes and even thistle buds when grass is scarce. This makes them an ideal animal to put on winter pasture to clean it for other ruminants.

Should donkeys eat grain?

Grain Tolerance

Donkeys, on the other hand, don’t need this kind of supplementation. In fact, cereal grains should never be fed to a donkey; a donkey’s increased metabolism of energy and protein makes cereal grains completely off-limits.

Can donkeys eat Lucerne?

JACLOU DL ABOVE: Donkeys have adapted to survive on poor-quality roughage, and feeding them maize or lucerne could cause digestive problems or laminitis, according to Dr Mac.

Can donkeys eat mint?

Donkeys love polo mints and ginger biscuits, these products are great to tempt fussy feeders but care should be taken not to feed too many as they are very high in sugar and may lead to obesity and associated health problems. Older donkeys with poor teeth will also struggle to eat them.

Can donkeys eat zucchini?

General rule: If it’s refined it’s not natural. Fruit slices e.g. apple, watermelon, banana, pear etc. Vegetable slices e.g. carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, orange sweet potato etc. Any seasonal fruit or vegetable that the donkey likes.

Can donkeys eat chicken?

Donkeys are hay lovers. They’re not known to eat meat.

How long can donkeys go without water?

Donkeys and mules can go without water for longer periods than horses. In the wild, donkeys frequently go without water for 24 hours, but lactating females will drink every 8-12 hours.