What should I look for when buying a cowboy hat?

There are several factors to consider when buying a cowboy hat such as crown shape and height, brim style, the type of material, what you will be wearing it for — such as work or events — and the price you are willing to pay for your hat.

What makes a good quality cowboy hat?

How to Choose a Quality Cowboy Hat | Resistol & F.M. Light

How can you tell a quality cowboy hat?

The more beaver fur that’s in the hat, the better a hat it is, and the more X’s it is labeled with. One thing that many people don’t realize is that there is actually no standard or rule when it comes to labeling the quality of a cowboy hat!

What kind of hat do real cowboys wear?

Ask any cowboy what brand of cowboy hat he wears and chances are you will hear the name Resistol. Resistol has been the preferred choice for working cowboys, ranch hands and rodeo cowboys for over 90 years.

How do you pick a cowboy hat color?

When deciding which color cowboy hat, keep in mind neutral colors. Black generally matches pretty much everything, but a classic brown or tan cowboy hat is a staple in any western wear wardrobe. Your cowboy hat should also reflect your personality. Don’t forget the flair in the details of your cowboy hat.

What is cowboy hat season?

Traditionally, switching hats has the same rules as wearing white – wear straw cowboy hats Memorial Day through Labor Day and felt cowboy hats Labor Day through Memorial Day. Straw is a more practical choice for summer, it’s more lightweight and breathes more. Felt cowboy hats are more for winter and ‘going out’.

What does 4X mean on a cowboy hat?

Showing 1-5 of 5 answers. 4X means the quality of the felt that is used. In this case, the Buffalo felt is labeled as 4x which would be flimsier and less quality than a hat that has 10x quality fur. The more x’s you have, the better quality fur that was used.

What is a real cowboy hat made of?

Cowboy hats today are made from fur-based felt or straw, or less commonly, from leather. Felt hats used to be worn in the winter to help protect the cowboy from cold and dampness. Straw cowboy hats were made for the summertime to protect from sun and heat.

Are Stetson and Resistol the same company?

Today the Stetson and Resistol hat factories are operated under the Hatco, Inc. umbrella in Garland, Texas. The combined factories are one of the largest in the country and produce a line of hats under each name in hundreds of different styles and colors.

What does 10X mean on a cowboy hat?

X Factor Hat Rating was originally determined by the density and shape of the material, and ranged in grade from a low of 1X to a high of 10X. Hats made of material rated below 5X generally contained a poorer grade of fur and little or no beaver fur. A 10X hat was made of 100% beaver fur.

What does 10X straw hat mean?

So basically, the finer fur a cowboy hat is made with, the more X’s a hat will be. FUN FACT. In straw, the X’s are determined by how tight the weave and how narrow the straw reed used to make the hat. So, the tighter the weave and the narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the more X’s a hat will be.

What does 6x mean on a Stetson hat?

The “X” markings in a felt cowboy hat indicate how much fur content is included in the fur blend used to make the hat. The more wild fur in the fur blend, the higher the “X” marking for that hat.

What do cowboy hat creases mean?

A Cattlemen crease started when ranch owners did not want the look of the rodeo cowboy on their cowboy hat. These cattlemen wanted a more taller and narrower crown so that when the wind blew and the rain poured these cowboys could pull their cowboy hats down so that it would stay on their head better.

What is the most popular cowboy hat?

The Cattleman: Considered by some to be the most popular style of cowboy hat today, the Cattleman looks like everyone’s idea of the traditional cowboy hat, as seen in thousands of Hollywood movies. It has three creases in the top of the crown and a brim that slightly curves.

What does a cowboy hat symbolize?

A hat provided shade, protection from the elements, and warmth for the wearer, but could also be used to fan a fire, as a vessel for drinking water, or waved from horseback to catch the attention of a fellow rider in the distance. There were as many styles of cowboy hats as there were people wearing cowboy hats.

Should a cowboy hat touch the top of your head?

Cowboy hats follow the natural shape of your head, so they should fit firmly on your forehead and the back of your head while feeling a bit looser at the sides. If the hat is too tight, you could wind up getting a headache.

What shape should my cowboy hat be?

If you have a square jawline, a wide forehead, and strong cheekbones then you want to wear hats that soften your harsher angles. Rounded cowboy hats, with curved brims help counter your strong jaw. Even a floppy cowboy hat with a soft brim contrasts nicely with a boxy face shape.

Why do cowboy hats turn up on the sides?

Over time, the cowboy hat underwent changes in shape to better suit the needs of its owner and evolved into the form we are more familiar with today. The brim curved up on the sides to stay out of the way of a rope, and the crown became pinched to allow better control.

How do cowboys keep their hats on?

Use bobby pins.

An accessible and affordable way to keep your hat on your head is to use bobby pins. By clipping them to your hair and then inserting the into the band of your hat, you may be able to keep your hat in place without anyone knowing your secret.

What is better wool or felt cowboy hat?

Hats made with wool have much shorter lifespan. Fur felt is not sheared. The animal pelts are handled so the fur may be removed, using the underfur with the most barbs to interlace and connect, making a lighter weight and more durable hat, able to withstand re-shaping and the weather.

Is it OK to wear a felt cowboy hat in the summer?

I would suggest a light-colored felt hat for the hotter months so it doesn’t attract quite as much heat; something like silver belly or natural. The reason felts can be worn all year-round is because they are a classic and simple staple.

What does 100X mean in cowboy hats?

100X – Starts at $829

Made from 100% Beaver Fur, this is the best hat you can buy today, simple as that. This hat is for the person who really punishes a hat daily and expects it to hold up under the worst conditions; or those who know hats and simply expect the highest quality.

Can a Stetson hat get wet?

The combination of the heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband. *** If your hat gets wet, shake off the excess water, and turn down the “self-conforming” leather sweatband. This will allow the hat to dry naturally. While the hat is wet, don’t let the brim touch the surface and don’t place it near heat.

How do you pick a cowboy hat size?

Place the string or tape around your head about 1/8″ above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

Why do cowboy hats have dents in the top?

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Most cowboy hats were sold “open crown”, meaning no shaping. It was a cowboy’s preference to dent and pinch his crown for his own style or need. Hats were dutiful, comfortable, and stiff brimmed. Some men wore Mexican sombreros in woven straw or felt.

What is the most popular cowboy hat material?

Most styles are made with felt or straw and may even feature embellishments or embroidery. Here are the best cowboy hat brands.

Why did Jeff Bezos wear a cowboy hat?

New sci-fi supervillain uniform just dropped. Greetings from the uncanny valley, where billionaires conduct a modern-day space race in the midst of a hurtling climate crisis and global pandemic while wearing, naturally, westernwear.

What brand of hat did John Wayne wear?

Stetson – JOHN WAYNE was a man of many Stetson hats.

What brand of hat does George Strait wear?

Resistol Hats – George Strait Western Felt Hats, PRCA Hats and USTRC Hats. You may not sing like the singer while wearing one. You may not look as pretty as the singer while wearing one.

Where are Stetsons made?

Stetson brand cowboy hats are displayed on a wall inside the showroom of the Hatco Inc. manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas, Aug. 28, 2015. The company’s factory in Garland, Texas, employs more than 200 workers and makes roughly one million felt and straw hats every year.