What was the drug in Bex?

” Bex, the analgesic made up of aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine, became an Australian icon. It was recommended to treat headaches, colds, flu, fevers, rheumatism, nerve pain and for ”calming down”.

When were Bex powders banned?

A compound analgesic that comprised aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine produced from the 1920s by Beckers Pty Ltd. All APC compounds were banned in 1977 after the discovery of its harmful effects.

What was Vincent’s powder?

From the mid-1950s thousands of Australian women swallowed millions of evil-tasting powders carrying the brand names Bex and Vincents. ‘ Their contents, indicated by the generic term APC, were aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine. In combination they were both addictive and deadly.

What happened to Vincents powders?

Phenacetin, a pain-relieving and fever-reducing drug, was banned by the FDA in the US in 1983, due to its adverse effects, which include kidney damage (as shown by Dr. Priscilla Kincaid-Smith) and cancer. It was replaced in many other medications by its metabolite, paracetamol.

Is phenacetin still used today?

Until 1983, phenacetin was used in over-the-counter remedies for pain and fever; however, it no longer is used in drug products in the United States.

What did Bex powders have in them?

Bex was a strong compound analgesic which was popular in Australia for much of the 20th century. It came in the form of APC (aspirin–phenacetin–caffeine) tablets or powder, containing 42% aspirin and 42% phenacetin plus caffeine.

What was wrong with Bex?

The problem with Bex

In the 1960s Dr. Priscilla Kincaid-Smith discovered that Bex Powders were addictive and that the large doses of phenacetin consumed by habitual users caused kidney disease. One woman, Norma O’Hara took Bex Powders sometimes twice a day every day for up to eight years from when she was 20.

What is phenacetin prescribed for?

Phenacetin was the first NSAID and fever reducer to go on the market. It acts as an analgesic at the spinal cord as well as a negative inotrope at the heart. It can be used to treat subacute rheumatoid arthritis, intercostal neuralgia, and ataxias.

What is phenacetin derived from?

Phenacetin may be synthesized as an example of the Williamson ether synthesis: ethyl iodide, paracetamol, and anhydrous potassium carbonate are heated in 2-butanone to give the crude product, which is recrystallized from water.

What type of drug is phenacetin?


Phenacetin was used as an analgesic and fever-reducing drug in both human and veterinary medicine for many years. It was introduced into therapy in 1887 and was extensively used in analgesic mixtures until it was implicated in kidney disease (nephropathy) due to abuse of analgesics.

What was in Ford pills?

Ford Pills were a laxative. So, yes, you could woo your husband, but only if you stayed within running distance of a toilet. Teradec/S “Diet Discipline Tablets – containing Phenylpropanolamine HCL – 85 mg – and Acetophenolisatin – 2 mg – quell those hunger pains.”

What was APC painkiller?

APC (medication): Aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine (a pill containing all three). Phenacetin was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to be associated with kidney failure.

Is phenacetin illegal in UK?

Phenacetin, also legal to import and sell, is an analgesic that is no longer used in legitimate business because of its carcinogenic properties. 11. The Government regulates the possession, supply, production and import and export of drugs subject to control under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Why is phenacetin toxic?

Due to its hazardous side effects, including carcinogenic and kidney-damaging properties, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered its withdrawal from drug markets in 1983. Since being withdrawn phenacetin has become a common adulterant of illicit substances.

Is phenacetin a painkiller?

Phenacetin, a painkiller, was the world’s first synthetic pharmaceutical drug. It was one of the first painkillers that was not derived from opium while at the same time being absent of anti-inflammatory qualities.

What was in Cope headache pills 1960s?

Cope Commercial (1960s)

What happened to Becks on Eastenders?

It was announced back in January that actor Jasmine Armfield is bowing out of her role as Bex after six years and has already filmed her final scenes with the BBC soap. After a difficult few months on the Square, Bex will start to reevaluate her future in light of the boat tragedy – and decides to go travelling.

How is phenacetin similar and different to paracetamol?

Both paracetamol and phenacetin are effective mild analgesics, suitable for treating mild to moderate pain. and their actions are broadly comparable with those of aspirin and related salicylates. although they do not appear to possess significant anti-inflam- matory activity.

What are the manifestations of phenacetin poisoning?

SYMPTOMS: Symptoms following exposure to this compound may include weakness, dizziness, depression, collapse, cyanosis, sweating, gastric irritation, chills, fall in blood pressure, jaundice, coma, convulsions, weight loss, insomnia, shortness of breath, aplastic anemia, and damage to the liver, kidneys, heart and …

What is super buff?

Phenacetin (Super Buff) – Pharmaceutical drug used as a painkiller and to treat fever before acetaminophen was invented. – Taken off the market in 1978 because it was shown to cause certain cancers when taken for long periods of time.

Is phenacetin a controlled substance in Canada?

In Canada, phenacetin is considered a prescription drug as per the Prescription Drug List.

Is aspirin or phenacetin more polar?

Q2) List the following compounds from least polar to most polar? a. (Acetaminophen; Aspirin; Caffeine, and Ibuprofen) D cafteine > Acetaminophen > phenacetin > Aspirin> ibuprofen Aspirin is more polar than ibuprofen more H bond acceptors and donators acetamingghen phenacetin it has a OH that can H bond .