How Fast Can A Horse Walk: Average Walking Speed Of A Horse

Horses are often called the “gentle giants” of the animal world.

They have a calm demeanor and a majestic presence that makes them seem larger than life, but they can also be surprisingly nimble when you least expect it!

One thing many people don’t know about horses is how fast they can walk. Here’s what you need to know about horse walking speed!

What’s the average walking speed of a horse?

On average, horses walk at a speed of about 7 kilometers per hour or convert into 4.3 miles per hour.

You should know that not all horses are alike and have different ways of moving. This will help you know more about horses and what they can do!

How a horse moves around

It moves by walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, pacing, or ambling. A walk is the slowest and a gallop is the fastest.

When it walks you can see its hooves on the ground. When it trots its feet are off the ground but still touching it.

When it canters, sometimes only one foot is in contact with the ground at any given time and when they gallop their feet are off of the ground for most of that movement.

These movements are similar to how people walk but horses move faster than people do!

The walk

Horses are said to walk in four-beat gaits. When they walk, their legs do not move at the same time. Their left hind leg is always first, then their left front leg, then their right front leg, and finally the rear right.

The trot

The animal’s trot has 2 beats. It goes 13 kilometers per hour, which is about 8 miles per hour. The legs of the horse move differently than when it walks.

When it trots, the front right leg and left hind leg move at the same time as the right hind leg and left front leg.

A trot is a two-beat gait with two pairs of legs moving together on each side of the body in diagonal directions.

The canter

Horses move faster with the canter gait. They can go 16-27 kilometers which are about 10-17 miles per hour. It’s the three-beat gait that people hear when they are running.

The gallop

A gallop is a fast way for the animal to go. It can be 25-30 miles per hour (or 40-48 kilometers). Horses gallop when they are in danger of taking part in races.

The pace

A horse’s legs move differently when it paces than when it trots or walks. When it is pacing and both of its front and hind legs are moving, the process is different from how they move while trotting or walking, where only one leg moves at a time.

The ambling gait

It can also move with a number of different gaits. Ambling is a type of four-beat gait, but it’s slower than some other types. A horse that ambles is called “gaited.” It’s good for those who have to be on their saddle for a long time.

Why Should You Know This Information?

You should know this information if you are a horseback rider. It can help you to avoid injuries. And it’s good for people who are not horseback riders to be informed about things they are interested in.


How fast does a horse normally walk?

It walks at the average pace of four miles an hour. Some horses can walk faster than that, up to twelve miles an hour.

How far can a horse walk in a day?

It can walk 25 miles (40 km) without stopping when it walks steadily. An average horse in good shape can go 50 miles (80 km) in one day. A really fit horse might even be able to go 100 miles (161 km) in a day.

How long can a horse walk without stopping?

It can walk for a long time without stopping. It can go for up to 8 hours or more during the day if it has good stamina.

Will a horse run itself to death?

It can run till it dies. While running, a horse’s heart and lungs work hard. This could lead to a heart attack or stroke which may lead to death.

Why is my horse walking backward?

Horses can be colicky when they are in pain from a stomach problem. When the colic is very bad, the horse may sweat a lot and walk backward. The horse may splash water on its face or lean against objects with a sad expression.

Do horses walk faster than humans?

Surprisingly, horses and humans walk at the same speed. It is not hard for people to keep up with horses when they are walking.


Horses are a lot like people. They have six types of movements that they use for different things, and one of those is helpful for getting away from their predators. Horses need to do these movements to stay alive!

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