The Benefits of Dry January

benefits of dry January

The premise behind Dry January is simple: it’s a month of sobriety to encourage people to reassess their relationship with alcohol. But it’s also a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, experts say. For many participants, the main benefit is more clarity around navigating social situations where drinking may be part of the agenda. Other benefits … Read more

How to Deal With Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids treatment

Internal and external hemorrhoids are characterized by swollen veins in and around the anus or lower rectum. They happen when pressure builds up on blood vessels. Hemorrhoids are most common in adults over age 50 but can also occur in children and young people. Aging, straining during bowel motions, and persistent constipation or diarrhea are … Read more

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Right for You? Here’s What to Consider

hair transplant surgery

Many people strongly desire to restore their hair and regain their self-confidence. For them, a hair transplant surgery can be a life-changing decision. However, you need to carefully consider your options before undergoing this procedure. It’s best to find a surgeon who is well-qualified and experienced. Here are some things to consider: Cost Hair transplant … Read more

Key Questions You Should Ask Regarding Vaping and Cancer

how does vaping cause cancer

E-cigarettes were promoted as safer than cigarette smoking when they entered the market. But they don’t come without their health risks, including addiction. Plus, vapor from these devices contains chemicals that increase cancer risk. There’s also evidence that vaping can cause acute lung injury and interfere with brain development in young people. It’s no wonder … Read more

5 Key Elements of Medicare Risk Adjustment for Healthcare Providers

what is medicare risk adjustment

Risk adjustment helps payers bring value-based benefits to their members, such as exercise programs, case or disease management, transportation to medical appointments, and more. The program relies on the accurate and timely submission of claim diagnosis codes mapped to CMS-HCCs each year to calculate a patient’s risk score. HCC coding requires physicians and eligible non-physician … Read more

Do horses have nipples?

do horses have nipples

Male horses do indeed have nipples. They are quite rudimentary, and often difficult to see. They are located on the underside of the horse’s sheath. What are a horse’s nipples called? A teat is the projection from the mammary glands of mammals from which milk flows or is ejected for the purpose of feeding young. In … Read more