Funny Rap Song About Horses You Need to Hear!

Horses are the best! Whether you’re a horse lover or not, everyone has to admit that horses are pretty awesome.

They can be goofy and funny, but they also have such a powerful spirit.

This is why I wanted to share with you some of my favorite rap songs about horses – so if your love for them isn’t yet strong enough, these will certainly do the trick!

Let’s get started.

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road


Lil Nas X is an artist who makes rap songs about his love for old-timey things. In this particular track, he mentions how much he likes his horse more than modern vehicles and states that until the day it becomes too difficult to ride one (or if there are no horses), then so be it; “I’ll keep on riding her till I can’t.”

Gazelle Twin – Hobby Horse


The folktale about the wooden horse from Gazelle Twin’s pastoral song was a blast. It has been loved for years by listeners who first heard it when folks were quire young, and now they are still listening with great joy as if music had just come out today!

Shakira – Poem to a Horse


Have you ever heard of the song, “Poem to a Horse”?

It is by Shakira. The lyrics are actually quite sad but in an enjoyable way because they’re so creative and interesting!

I really recommend it if your favorite color is purple or just listen anytime for something new that will make life worth living again with its message telling us how much animals care about their human counterparts even though most people don’t give them credit sometimes when we treat these creatures cruelly–horses especially ones who have personality flaws can relate on some level.

Katy Perry – Dark Horse


It’s a perfect combination, isn’t it?

Katy Perry and her music are always great for achieving the right mood. I personally love this track because of how much passion she puts into each one of these songs while still trying to make them fit in with what people want from pop music nowadays.

Kilo Ali – White Horse


It’s not quite what you would expect, but it is unique because of how a white horse resembles the perfect dream guy for women.

It refers to their shining and wonderful spirits which are hard to find in this world where there are too many distractions pulling us away from them like stars on earth light up our night skies with the beauty that cannot be ignored or forgotten even if we wanted to.

This song conveys how humans should recognize perfection by looking at other living things; they’re all special just as much shine like the brightest star each one deserves time spent admiring.

Psy- Gangnam Style


Psy, the Korean singer who many think of when they hear “Gangnam Style”.

His catchy tune was well known for its dance version which became popular around the world and still thrives today!

So, why I list this one here?

It’s because we were all young adults at one point or another that discovered what “horse dance” really meant in our lives outside of just being called out on YouTube by other people doing them while singing along with Psy (or their friends).

Hip-Hop and Horses


A story about the singer’s life being transformed by horses is told through a rap song.

The lyrics are filled with metaphors, similes, and imagery to paint an image of what these animals have done for them – they create their world just as much as they own it!

Vanilla Ice – Ride The Horse


Vanilla Ice’s “Ride the Horse” is a must-have for all rap lovers. Although it may be too risque to play at your next child’s birthday party, this song will not disappoint those of us who are equestrians in our hearts and souls!


It’s not just for horseback riding anymore! Rap songs about horses are some of the funniest and most entertaining ones out there.

Who knew that talking about these majestic animals could be so fun?

Whether you’re a fan of rap or not, I hope you enjoy the list I’ve shared with you.