List of Banned Horse Racing Names (Worst Names Ever)

Many people have a love for horses and horse racing, but there are certain names that cannot be used.

This post is a list of banned horse racing names (worst names ever) with the reasoning behind not allowing these specific name choices. These rules help to create an enjoyable environment for all those who attend the races.

Choosing a name for your horse is important because the name will be said out loud in front of all the people. You might want to do this before you choose a name. Make sure you say out loud what the name will be so it doesn’t sound too strange when someone says it.

Some names that don’t sound good are below!

Hoof Hearted

The name “Hoof Hearted” is banned in the UK.

When you read it, it doesn’t seem like such a bad name. But when you say it, it sounds like something else. It’s not nice to say this word out loud. People had fun the first time the announcer said “Hoof Hearted won!”

But for serious tournament moments, it doesn’t fit at all.


The owner of this horse chose a strange name for the racehorse, but it’s a good story.

The racer won many races and his name is now part of history. I can’t imagine saying this strange word every time I wanted to call my horse. Maybe you could shorten it to something else or what?


This horse’s name is Shesellsseashells and it is a messy name. It also sounds like a commentator’s nightmare when people say it. This horse only ran in two races and came in second-to-last so they do not have to deal with this name anymore.

Sofa Can Fast

Sofa Can Fast is another name that may be banned because it’s inappropriate to announce it out loud. You might want to try it when you are alone, but not in front of other people.

It is funny, but it can also be considered inappropriate for the general audience and especially young kids.

Louis Velocity

Louis Velocity is not a good name for a racehorse. If you say it fast, it will sound like ‘losing velocity.’

And what racer or announcer would want to see a horse ‘losing velocity’ in a race?

Spineless Jellyfish

This is a terrible name for a racehorse and also kind of mean. We can’t argue with the owner’s choices, but this one made it on the list as something you shouldn’t consider!

Clyde Van Dusen

Clyde Van Dusen won the Kentucky Derby in 1929. It might be a great name for a racehorse.

However, it becomes difficult when the jockey’s name is also Clyde Van Dusen. It would be confusing if they both won together!

Other Banned Horse Racing Names

  • Some horses that have raced under their funny nicknames include Big T**s. They never finished better than sixth from six races in France in 2003.
  • There was a horse called Slippery D*ck, and a horse called Finmental. They were not really noticed until another horse that ran called Hesfinmentaltoo. Also, there was Wear The Fox Hat which is another inappropriate name when saying out loud.
  • The son of All Too Hard, Fuchu, won a race at Kensington in Sydney in May 2019 is another bad name on the list as well.
  • There was also Horsey McHorseface which won a race.
  • Gelding Noble Locks was a favorite among people who bet on horses. Muff Diver used to be a favorite among Irish racing fans in the 1970s.
  • Some Horse and Another Horse are two bad names for horses. Commentators will be annoyed when they have to say the name of Another Horse when it crosses the finish line first.
  • There are other names including Little Knickers, Passing Wind, Foxy Fanny, Peony’s Envy, Sofa Can Fast, and Geespot.
  • Some horse names have been banned because they are too rude. Some have the name Chit Hot, Harry Azzol, Hugh G Dildeaux, and Norfolk Enchants.
  • The horses OliBeefHooked and Willie Be Hardigan couldn’t run under those names.
  • The names Ben Derhover, Ben Timover, and Betty Swallocks were also banned.
  • D*ck N Cider, Cunning Stunt or D*ck Hertz are also on the black list.
  • Curl One Off, Hugh Gass Kisser, Ivana Tinkle, Hugh G Rection and Major B Oner were also blacklisted.


There are many names that would be inappropriate to use in horse racing, but the ones above stand out as the worst of them all.

Take a look at our list and see if you agree with our choices for the worst banned horse racing names ever!

Do you agree or disagree?

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