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Our Goal : to  raise $15,000 by May 31. This will fund 200 hours of programming.


Equine Assisted Therapies increase physical ability, mental acuity, and emotional well being.



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Mailing Adddress:  P.O. Box 71092, Springfield, Or. 97475


Contact us to make an appointment if you would like to come see the students in action or learn how you can become more involved in this unique program as a:

“As a parent I really notice her improvement in balance and proprioception which lasts all week long; very impressive. I’m so grateful for all the work of the experienced and well educated instructors and the dedication of the staff at RideAble.”


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RideAble’s Mission

RideAble provides horsemanship instruction for the special needs community in a safe and interactive environment. Essential life skills for each individual are developed and improved through healthy recreational riding.