200+ Weird Horse Names to Name Your Horses

Have you ever wondered what the weirdest horse name you could possibly come up with is?

Well, I’ve compiled a list of all the different names for horses that I could find.

Some are plain, others make your head spin. This post will give you great ideas to choose from when naming your next equine pet.

The 200+ weird horse names in this article range from normal to downright strange and they’ll definitely get a laugh out of anyone who shares their love for these magnificent creatures.

If you’re looking for a good way to start off a conversation with someone else about horses or if you want some inspiration on how to name your next pet horse then this name list is born for you.

But be sure to check the name with authorities to make sure it’s allowed.

Let’s get started.

Weirdest female horse names

In no particular, here they are.

Ghostzapper NightMare Teeny Turner
Penny Loafer Teeny Turner Pants
4-Hooved Sloth Potoooooooo Hermioneigh
Kit Kat Bunny Killer Reya Sunshine
Kate Winsalot My Little Pony Long Face
Hoof Hearted MyExWifesAshes Justine Thyme
Mane Attraction Hay Girl Just Mare-ied
Tricky Silver Degeneres Night Mare
Ha Ha Ha Maple Stirrup Odor in The Court
Lady Rover Rogue One Kolt Kardashian
Minnie Scule Britney Spurs D’apples are Sweet
Wotsit Trojan Horse Pony Tail
Hay Jude Foaling Around Hannibal Lector
Hoarse Nightshade Black Pearl
Horsey Kiss Tater Tot Ze Brah
Shoe Crew Money Penny Usain Colt
Snail Female Mane Event Neighsayer
Clear So Far

Weirdest male horse names

Grayson What The Buck Lacey
Spongebob Horsepant Peter pan Mister Ed
Dappleganger Horse Power Autumn
Fudge Brandy Dusty
Cougar Steele Snowball
Cappucino Chocolate Luna
Dark Beauty Artax Buck Rogers
KitKat Adobe Sylvestor Stallion
Cinnamon Grizzly Liam Neighson
Shadowfax Al Capony Napoleon
Hoof Jackman Mr McWhinney Gizmo
Adam Neighiski BullsSundancereye Forrest Jump
Falcon Sir Neighs A Lot Pony Soprano
MoonShadow Pippi Longstocking Traveller
Dustin Hoofman Jon Bon Pony Chuck Horris
Richard Friction Harry Trotter

Weirdest racehorse names

OhNoItsMyMotherInLaw Thats’ WhatSheSaid Leading By A Length
Rapunzel WhyKickAMooCow Riding Miss Daisy
Horsey McHorseface Pirate Oreo
Red hot Filly Pepper Slumpbuster Chantilly
Ebony JunkintheTrunk Dune
Raven EighteenCharacters Mookie’s Runnin
Bambi Race Career MayTheHorseBeWithU
Picasso Dahlia Bodacious Tatas
Trapper Bofa Deez Nuts NotACatButaLlama
Barely Legal Shakalakaboomboom MyWifeKnowsEverything
Chez noir ARRR Blondie
Rembrandt Walk of Shame Ha Ha
Moo Moo FiftyShadesofHay Panty Raid
Stopchargingmaria Boba tea Golden Ticket
WhatAmIChoppedLiver TheWifeDoesntKnow IWinYouGetNothing
Onyx Nero Sotally Tober
Scout Spineless Jellyfish Drogon
Midnight Sherbet Attention Shoppers
GiveMeAnotherName Tesoro Domino
Jigsaw GeeSpot SunDancer
Where’s The Beef Sand Dollar Noir

How do you pick a horse name?

Some people want to choose a horse’s name that goes well with the horse’s personality. Get to know your horse before you pick a name for them. You will need to find a name that you like and feel comfortable saying it each time you say it.

Can horse names be reused?

No. Horse names can only be reused after five years have passed since the horse left racing and breeding.

How long can a horse’s name be?

Horses can have a name that has up to 18 characters. This is why Shutthefrontdoor does not have spaces, but Youlneverwalkalone doesn’t have all the letters.

Why do horses have 2 names?

Horses can only be named after their owners ask for permission. Some people give their horse more than one name because they cannot find one name that is good enough.

Are racehorse names copyrighted?

Racehorse names cannot be copyrighted terms. They can’t be longer than 18 letters and cannot have initials. Horses also can’t have the name of a real person without written permission from the owner of the horse, and must not bear the name of a famous person, either.


For a horse owner, naming your horses can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, we have compiled over 200 weird and wonderful names to choose from when it comes time to name your prized equine friend.

So if one of these quirky or unusual horse names catches your eye, read on for more information about the meaning behind each moniker. Happy browsing.

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