203 BOTW Horse Names to Name Your Breath Of The Wild Horse

Are you a fan of the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?

Do you have a Nintendo Switch and want to take your gaming experience to another level?

If so, then this blog post is for you. Here are 200+ names that will help bring out the personality of your very own horse in “The Legend of Zelda.”

There are plenty more names where these came from, but we thought we’d give you a head start.


Male & female names for your BOTW horses

Manchego Kasimira Night
Chip Chamber Kitana
Mankala Descaro Hola
Sugarsilver Taydee Pegretta
Cajun Nuala Obsidian
Layla Delta Matica
Karma Vogue Lincoln
Count Elita Twister
Rapid Sundancer Sheza
Inka Magoo Falcor
Skyler Fastsilver Paddington
Preacher Stormfire Aquaxi
Sugarlight Sweetsilver Jinx
Wind Condor Blustery
Merrie Rodeo Allegro
Melissa Sagen Showdown
Sullivan Adigo Sandy
Slick Felicity Leonardo
Audrey Reflection Clyde
Stallion Gizmo Stormflash
Imogene Blarney Allouette
Ranger Bucky Score
Rainlight Sun Prymos
Ariadne Fleetlight Sugar
Starflame Sirius Snowy
Kaylab Zalika Trax
Tricks Swift Flashlight
Bolt Jo Triggerfire
Storm Morning Morningmane
Kacie Maximotion Swiftsilver
Conker Sparks Utara
Noblelight Feet Masquerade
Shadowlight Breaker Acapella
Snowhite Step Gayle

BOTW black horse names

Zamza Dukes Salvodor
Dommik Delacroix Granite
Enigma Periculum Sherlock
Lauden Winter Dominic
Aries Monroe Lexx
Draegan Gnash Auron
Auron Dupree Aries
Zell Umbra Omar
Trik Crane Salvodor
Panther Malum Lynx
Quintus Morgan Crypt
Echo Graves Vexx
Vossler Torneau Morgan
Talon Pickerin Devonshire
Balsam Monroe Breedlove
Draegan Scarletwound Addington
Darren Christian Heliot
Abraham Rouge Black
Wright Mock Creighton
Uberto Manglyeong Chalice

BOTW white horse names

Conjis Vilis Watt
Coconut Galvan Avalanche
Blondie Pyre Fairy
Shimmer Ocea Soleis
Chardonnay Avian Angel
Anomalis River Ceraun
Finis Frosty Stalhorse
Blanco Xygen Snowfire
Coale Glimmes Mora
Sear Snowflake Stowne
Mortis Archer Demis
Entros Sterling Carbonne
Sailor Diamond Eternos
Miso Aevus Sage
Kocyte Glo Spirit
Dusty Sugar Pinot
Blizzard Thromb Avalan
Impa Volta Monse

Other great names to try

Brownie Spinches Goliath
Creeper Nutty Warrior
Toffee Thor Tao
Cookie Hennesy Timber
Majesty Soldier Maple
Gunner Tim Mudslide
Ocarina Ganondorf Treasure
Chocolate Snickers Dominator
Emperor Ganon Deku
Epona Gerudo Ember
Dusty Tam Fi
Steed King Scooby
Spirit Bear Honey
Biggoron Acorn Ferocious
Scotch Midna Syrup
Coffee Dragon Punisher
Cinnamon Peanut Twilight


Can you keep horses at your house in breath of the wild?

The horse stays where you leave it. You can register and bond your horse so you do not lose them.

Is there a best horse in breath of the wild?

There is no one best horse in Breath of the Wild.

The horses you need to find are found in Ridgeland Tower region, right next to Maag No’rah Shrine, and on the path to Serenne Stable.

These horses will have different stats like speed and stamina that you can compare before deciding which horse is best for you.

What is the point of horses in BoTW?

The point of horses in BoTW is to make it easier for you to travel on your horse. If you want the horse to go faster, you can whip your reins and make it go faster. You can also play on the horse while traveling.

How do you get a permanent horse in breath of the wild?

To get a permanent horse in the Legend of Zelda, find a stable. You can register horses that are your friend. You can board up to five horses at one time.

What happens if I leave my horse Botw?

You can just continue your adventure and pick them up later. But if your horse dies, they will not be there at the stable anymore.

Where can I register my horse for Botw?

Register your horse in the Dueling Peaks Stable. You can save up to 5 horses with 20 rupees each. When registering, choose a name for your horse.


As you can see, there are over 200 names to choose from when naming your horse in the game.

You may find that some of these words or phrases will resonate with you more than others and this is perfectly okay.

If none of them seem like a good fit for your favorite animal companion then simply head back into the wilds and wait until it appears again so that you can name it something else.

Have fun choosing an identity for one of your most treasured companions in Breath Of The Wild.

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