150+ Great Barrel Horse Names to Name Your Horse

If you’re looking for a name for your horse, or just want to get creative and have some fun, this blog post will provide 150+ great barrel horse names.

This is the perfect list if you are looking for inspiration. You can browse the list and pick the ones that are the most suitable for your barrel horse.

Let’s check them out.

Great names for female barrel horses

Here are some great ones in no particular order. Which one would you choose for your mare racer?

Kleo Meadow River Wildflower
Gypsy Starsky Flurry Heart
Velvet Rose Cherish Tempest Shadow
Mustang Muse Charismatic Azra
Twilight Glimmer Worth Sunset Shimmer
Doremifasollatido Midnight Lute Denman’s Call
Hoof Hearted Harass Effinex
Onoitsmymothernlaw Luv Gov Notacatbutallama
Yakahickamickadola Arrr Dr. Fager
Painting the Sky Covfefe Pollard’s Vision

Great names for male barrel horses

Now, let’s take a look at some great suggestions to name your male horses.

Titus Magnus Snickers
Shadow Hello, Goodbye Patriotic Spirit
New Hope Boaz Caboose
Thunder BlackJack Trooper
Hidden Destiny Gulliver Bandit
Titanium Patch Czar
Borak Cloud Chaser Digby
Bear Dare to Compare Thor
Uri Sheriff Wally
Cher Ami Kaspar Huckleberry

Other great names for your barrel horses

Ruffian Red Rum Black Caviar
Count Fleet Genuine Risk Seattle Slew
Man o’ War Eclipse Native Dancer
Holy Bull Alydar Affirmed
Kingston Zenyatta Winx
Citation Barbaro Aristides
Spectacular Bid Bold Ruler Seabiscuit
Flying Fox Arkle American Pharoah
Kelso Huaso Dr. Fager
Big Ben Lost in the Fog Justify
SecretariatPhar Lap Desert Orchid Sunday Silence

And here are some more great ideas to try:

Khan Xanthos Champion
Pegasus Comanche Cadoc
Tarzan Boxer Arion
Sterope Argo Rhaebus
Koko Captain Angus
Flicka Palomo Maximus
Chetak Blueskin Pegasus
Fury Marengo Domino

What to remember when picking a name for your barrel horse

If you’re going to name your barrel racing horse, you’ll need to check the association’s regulations. They have a list of parts of a name that won’t be allowed.

This way, if you have a list of names in mind before picking one for your horse, then you can know which ones are okay and which ones aren’t.

If you want to bring your horse to competitions, then think about how easy it will be for people to say its name. Don’t choose a name that is a word or a command.

If you are naming a horse, you can write what is good about the horse. For example, you could list their color, any unique qualities or physical aspects that they have, and where they came from.

You could also list synonyms for these things to find something that suits the horse as well as possible.

Also, instead of thinking about your horse’s name, you can think about their nickname or what they might like to be called. You can use this name when the showtime comes.

If you do not have a nickname, think about something that you and your horse share in common and make a connection with that.


We hope you’ve found the perfect name for your horse. If not, we encourage you to explore our list of over 150 great barrel horse names and find what suits you best.

Whether it be a famous cowboy like Roy Rogers or an adorable Disney character such as Dumbo, we have something that will fit perfectly with your favorite animal.

Happy naming; we can’t wait to see which one is chosen.

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