Can you eat Mexican chocolate?

While you might nibble on a piece of traditional chocolate as a dessert, the Mexican variety is not intended to be eaten by itself. Rather, it is a compliment to other ingredients, often used to enhance the flavor. Compared to milk or semi-sweet chocolate, Mexican chocolate is minimally processed.

Can you eat Mexican hot chocolate tablets?

Unlike chocolate bars, and because of its undissolved granulated sugar, and its rough and gritty texture, tablet chocolate is not meant to be eaten like a chocolate bar, although Ibarra tablets can be eaten. However, Ibarra is used primarily to make hot cocoa in traditional Mexican form.

Is Abuelita Chocolate real chocolate?

Abuelita is a chocolate tablet, syrup, or powdered mix in individual packets, made by Nestlé and used to make Mexican-style hot chocolate, also known as chocolate para mesa (English: “table chocolate”).Abuelita.

Product type Chocolate
Owner Nestlé
Country Mexico
Introduced 1939
Markets Mexico

What is Chocolate Abuelita made of?

Abuelita chocolate is made with Cocoa, sugar and cinnamon, making it a staple Mexican product for more than 71 years. You can identify Abuelita chocolate by its unique and delicious flavor and unique packaging. Moctezuma, Ibarra and Don Gustavo are other “Mexican Chocolate” tablet brands.

Can you eat Abuelita?

I just smack it on something solid to break it into pie shaped wedges and eat it. If you prefer to drink it, here’s how to do that. Nestle, a Swiss company, makes a competing product called “Abuelita” that’s not nearly as good. There are good reasons why Mexicans make such better chocolate than the Swiss.

Is chocolate Abuelita vegan?

Abuelita Hot Chocolate

Abuelita is the more economical option of the three. Though it doesn’t include dairy in it’s ingredients, it is made in a factory that processes dairy, eggs and wheat. The company doesn’t claim the “vegan” label, but on Peta Latino they do list Abuelita chocolate as vegan.

Does Abuelita hot chocolate have cinnamon?

For generations, Nestlé Abuelita Authentic Mexican Style Hot Chocolate Mix has been an essential part of the Hispanic kitchen. Its perfect balance of cocoa, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon gives it a distinctively delicious “calor de hogar” taste.

Can u make Abuelita with water?

No, you have to use milk, not water.

Is Abuelita chocolate nut free?

Does ABUELITA™ contain nuts? There are no nuts included in ABUELITA™. However, the manufacturing site does produce other products with tree nuts, peanuts, egg, milk and wheat. Please refer to the product label for the most accurate allergen information.

What does Abuelita taste like?

The mix works like every other hot cocoa mix — rip, pour, add hot water or milk. But the result is a bit different. From the cup comes a waft of chocolate, with just a hint of cinnamon. But when you taste it, the cinnamon kicks in quickly, then fades into a rich, sweet chocolate flavor.

Is Abuelita chocolate made in Africa?

Abuelita is owned by Nestlé, but both brands are made in Mexico. And there is no Swiss Miss or single-estate boutique chocolate anything that can compare with their cinnamony goodness.

What nationality is Abuelita?

ABUELITA™ Tablets and Granulated Mix are produced in Mexico, in the Toluca factories. It has united Mexican families for over 80 years through its authentic flavor, aroma and froth.

Does Abuelita chocolate expire?

Chocolate does not get old in the sense that it has expired – it just turns ugly, grayish, powdery, dry, or grainy. The cocoa butter and cocoa powder can shift into many crystals over time and make your chocolate look different but it will not affect flavor. If sealed tightly, it will stay edible forever.

What does Champurrado taste like?

The flavor is dark and brooding, with hints of molasses, smoke, and maybe even rum. These dark flavors add to the earthy complexity of champurrado. The cones of piloncillo can be quite hard, making them difficult to break or cut into chunks.

What type of chocolate is in Abuelita?


Amount Per Serving
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 18g 6%

Can you eat Ibarra?

This delicious chocolate is can be consumed as it is, or you can dissolve it in water or milk. All the ingredients come from natural sources; sugar cane, cacao paste, soy lecithin and cinnamon, just like the original recipe.

Is there caffeine in Mexican chocolate?

Mexican chocolate-based drinks: 1 cup (8 oz.) of Stephen’s Mexican Hot Chocolate contains around 1 mg of caffeine, and others are comparable.

How long does Mexican hot chocolate last?

You can also make this warming drink ahead of time to make sure it’s ready right when you need it! Any leftovers can be kept in the fridge for up to five days, though I can’t imagine it’ll last that long.

What came first Ibarra or Abuelita?

Chocolate Abuelita was first launched in Mexico City in 1939, before being acquired by Nestle in 1995. Chocolate Ibarra was first launched in 1946. Today, Ibarra is controlled by the Ibarra Chocolate Group and is produced by Chocolatera Jalisco in Guadalajara.

Is Abuelita gluten free?

The customer service representative was extremely helpful and explained to me that Abuelita is imported by Nestlé and is indeed gluten-free.

How much is a cup of Abuelita?


Use 1½ heaping tablespoons of granulated mix. Dissolve into 1 cup of hot milk. Dunk your favorite sweet bread and enjoy!

How do you melt Abuelita chocolate?

Place Abuelita chocolate in small bowl. Microwave morsels and coconut oil in small, dry, uncovered, microwave-safe bowl on MEDIUM-HIGH (70%) power for 1 minute; STIR. The morsels may retain some of their original shape.

What is in Abuelita hot chocolate?

Ingredients Sugar, Chocolate, Soy Lecithin, Vegetable Oil (Palm, Shea Nut and/or Illipe Nut), Artificial Flavor, PGPR (Emulsifier), Cocoa Processed with Alkali. Contains: soy. May contain egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat.

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