How long does Crisco last in the freezer?

How do you store Crisco long term? We suggest storing Crisco shortening on the pantry shelf. If you live in a warm climate and prefer to refrigerate shortening and oil, keep in mind that refrigeration causes shortening to be more firm and oils to be thicker and look somewhat cloudy. How long does shortening last in the freezer? Solid...

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What happens when crayfish mate?

When mating begins, the male deposits a sack of sperm on the female who then passes her eggs through the sperm to fertilize them. After the eggs have been fertilized, they are then kept under the tail by the female who should be placed in a tank on her own at this point. How do crayfish make babies? They...

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Can a binder be harmful?

That said, even a dedicated binder is not without risk, and binding improperly or for too long can lead to chest and back pain, rib bruising and fractures, shortness of breath, overheating, and skin damage. What happens if you wear a binder everyday? You should avoid wearing your binder for more than eight hours a day, especially if you...

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