400+ Dun Horse Names to Name Your Male & Female Dun Horses

In this blog post, you will find 400+ Dun horse names that you can use to name your own male & female Dun horses.

Use these names when naming your new baby horse. These names include popular masculine and feminine dun horse names as well as very unique ones too. Check them out below.

Dun horse names for a Dun mare

Lady Adira Tory
Hera Trixy Lassie
Lady Henrietta Calypso
Daenerys Reckless Ellen
Mitzi Amelia Mary
Dolly Cowgirl Sidney
Sage Alexia Tinnie
Dreamer Tigress Fae
Diomedes Ladybug Cinder
Bella Maya Melisande
June Minerva Jenny
Pepper Henna Stella
Apple Ember Duchess
Anne Bonnie Ginny
Poppy Lily Dawn
Autumn Molly Dancer
Daisy Ursula Piper
Angie Hermione Madison
Oprah Rapunzel Shiloh
Lucy Audrey Mademoiselle
Caramel Lyla Bridget
Arwen Kat Cleopatra
Catherine Alsie Annabell
Mable Harper Trudy
Valentina Phoebe Addison
Monroe Ada Amber
Grace Phyllis Juno
Sierra Darcy Alce
Paige Athena Arizona
Evie Sally Rosanne
Mildred Maia Lucille
Princess Liza Minty
Juno Gaea Tethys
Asta Summer Valerie
Sienna Queen Cindy

Dun horse names for a stallion or gelding Dun horse

Chester Jackson Aragorn
Archibald Duke Freddy
Hampton Walker Chaucer
Ethan Magnus Jasper
Leather Lexus Mars
Posiedon Earnest Teak
Blake Vincent Jepson
Atlas Wallace Milo
Percival Conrad McClane
Prince Dexter Zeus
Moose Black Buzz
Byron Brew Rex
Rich Archie Dragon
Galahad Rio Graham
Caesar Miles Barclay
Atwood Linus Attila
Carlton Rufus Ares
Clove Uranus Maximus
Admiral Xavier Chuck
Simba Amelio Mufasa
Argus Channing Neptune
Horatio Samson Churchill
Sprinter Khan Ashton
Monte Heracles Geronimo
Wallace Carter Alexander
Biggie Hedwig Sailor
Lancelot Leon Phillip
Russet Genghis Hudson
boomer Hercules Stanley
Niall Gawain Jon
Thomas Rootbeer Mud
Major Henry Samson
Tristan Beans Fizz
William Harvey Mordred
Cyrus Wick John
Beethoven Aslan Dude
Jupiter Arturo Buddy
Bomby Alfred Arthur

Dun horse names for red Dun horses

Aguaje Flames Ruby
Ambrose Garcia Salmon
Bada Goji Scarlet
Baron Herring Scorch
Beau Hibiscus Seeing
Bing Honey Snapper
Blaze Lobster Sparky
Bliss Marinara Sriracha
Bloom Miss Strawberry
Blushing Montoya Sunny
Burning Phoenix Thirty-Six
Cabernet Puff Tigger
Cerise Red Torch
Cherry Rose Vermillion
Clifford Wind Volcano

Dun horse names for Grullo Dun horses

Star Monday Meluma
Bubbles Flammer Nasa
Chrome Pawa Grayson
Artex Gladio Baloo
Cadet Gris Boomer
Foggy Luna Steel
Charcoal Arctic Meleg
Chico Cinder Malady
Argent Wisp Mercury
Siva Rocky Arwen
Ferro Grady Myst
Angel Argento Diva
Plata Azure Gothel
Gin Powder Jupiter
Nickel Gunner Paloma
Murk Coal Acero


Is a dun horse rare?

No, it is not rare. The gene for dunning is more common in certain breeds, but it is most common in the lighter pony breeds. Duns are also seen less often in heavier draft breeds.

What is the difference between a buckskin and a dun?

A buckskin is yellow. It will have black hair on its mane, tail, and stripe on its back. A dun is brown or gray with a stripe down its back. The color of the mane and tail can also vary from one to another.

Are duns good horses?

Yes, a lot of people like them because they are different from other types of horses. The rarest Duns are called true duns. They are usually brown or grayish in color.

What is a dun quarter horse?

It is different than a buckskin. It has different colors. The color that is called “classic dun” is tan with some black markings. It has stripes on the knees, hocks, and tail, as well as a dorsal stripe.

How do I know if my horse is a dun?

A dun has a stripe down its back, usually a darker face and legs, and maybe stripes across the shoulders or on the back of the forelegs. The color depends on what color coat it has

Is dun a dominant gene?

Dun is a dominant gene. The color will be lightened on the body, but not the head, lower legs, mane, or tail.


When you have a female and male dun in your herd, the best way to give them names is by using gender-neutral names.

This makes it easy for people with both genders in their herds to call out who they want when they are looking for that specific breed.

You can also use my above list of 400+ names as inspiration if you need help finding just the right name for your new addition.