Evil Horse Names to Name Your Horse (Top 100 Scary Horse Names)

I love horses. I love them so much that I’m going to share my favorite list of scary horse names with you.

These are the top 100 scariest-sounding names for your evil, undead, zombie horse. They’re all guaranteed to make you afraid of the dark and hide under your bedsheets, shivering in fear!

But don’t worry; they’re only for fun. And if they happen to scare you more than usual then maybe it’s time for a break from all this horror stuff 🙂


List of 100+ Random Scary Evil Horse Names (For Both Male & Female Horses)

Pugsi Buck
Hecate Lose
Samantha Dunkan
Furlong Alucard
Greh Raeb
Zadira Medusa
Outlaw Dapple
Doguban Whinny
Hannibal Alyder
Frankel Citation
Karayan Clover leaf
Amdis Galloway
Leader Barbarow
Reaper Jager
Nebula Bones
Trigger Ambrosia
Corronet Bose
Kurt Barlow Zla
Demelti Phantom
Jagard Zenyatta
Chaps Milton
Manowar Ruffian
Gruby Char
Zelda Rosemary
Bosrka sham Lady’s secret
Olc Frankel
Hedi Jumper
Black caviar Caius
Alice cullen Cardon
Wolverine Commando
Peccato Cutter
Gallant Fox Dullahan
Meir Link Countess
Farrier Carlos Rivera
Delano Colt
Phantom Marguerite
Reign Blair
Twilight Mataga
Flying Bolt Nebula
Eclipse Hyperion
Daisy Zio
Buck Bela
Simon Crupper
Bronco Vondur
Man O War Balker
Azeri wink Zelda
Medusa Aldon
Vanner Pharlap
Blade Crisp
Khata Chrome
Dulahan Goldikova
Bloody Marry

How to Come Up With Fun Evil Horse Names On Your Own?

Some people like to add “vampire” or horror character names from different movies to the list. But we should also look at racehorses from history.

When we move into Greek/Norse/Egypt mythologies, we have a list of Greek/Norse/Egypt names. They make great names for sure.

Also, consider using your list of other favorite horror movies as well.

The ideas are endless.

Tips For Choosing a Good Horse Name

Getting a new horse is very exciting. You can find out what to name it before you get one, so you don’t have to be stuck with the name afterward. There are some things to think about before choosing a name:

Pick a 1 or 2 syllable name. If it’s too long, your horse might not know what you are saying.

Do not pick a  name that sounds like a word that means common orders of commands. That is confusing for the animal.

Do not pick a name that you are not comfortable with.

If you want to compete in races, make sure the name you pick complies with the local rules.

Also, remember not to use common names that other people can easily come up with. The same name might confuse your horse and cause problems. (See my list above for some ideas)


When naming your horse, don’t worry about whether it’s right or wrong. Just choose a name that feels comfortable to you and your animal.

Try to pick a name that fits your horse’s personality.

If you’re thinking about entering races, make sure you read all the rules and guidelines before choosing a name.