Fast Horse Names: List Of 100+ Names For Fast Horses

If you’re looking for horse names that are fast in nature then look no further.

Here is a list of 70+ names for horses that are quick on their feet or have some other association with speed. You can’t go wrong with these names!

Let’s take a look.

Great names for a fast male horse

Ares Peregrine Roadrunner
Racer Osama Ajax
Buck Bolt Flux
Merlin Speedo Lotus
Chaos Blitz Gavin
Wildebeest Flare Apollo
Shahin Riptide Rambo
Kele Efron McLaren
Colt Chatan Roo
Trapper Nitro Choovio
Bullet Gepard Rabbit
Blaze Ferrari Hart
Zippy Honovi Titan
Gyrfalcon Zwi Thor
Secretariat Tiburon Dart
Marlin Filipe Dolphin
Zevi Shark

Great names for a fast female horse

Jinx Danuta Mite
Flash Lulu Aston
Shika Sadira Kanga
Huntress Fanta Namir
Hummingbird Hera Dorcas
Vixen Cha’risa Rocket
Springbok Arya Bonito
Rima Pengana Xena
Coyote Yutu Yan
Hurricane Golden Fawn
Athena Justice Harley
Sprint Tesla Cheetah
Raven Swift Filly
Litonia Arinya Sweep
Chuchip Zoom Needletail
Rebel Gazelle Usagi
Pigeon Blitz

Great names for a fast black horse

Zorro Turk Night
Slayer Raven Lady hawk
Thunder BlackJack Midnight
Coco Black Rose Black Caviar
Knight rider Eclipse Hershey
Black Onyx Colt Shadow
Nightmare Velvet Black Diamond
Morticia Black Beauty Dark Star
Blacky Ebony Dark Prince
Black Annie Noir Bucephalus

Great names for a fast grey horse

Crystal Dusty
Arlen Cloud
Earl Derringer
Defrost Caspian
Dale Argent
Dream Angel
Diamond Easifat Naria
Artax Darman
Dapper Cirrus
Dapple Dan Altivo
Casper Dapper Dan
Ashy Asher
Chappel Cobweb
Annabelle Dazzler
Dap Dollar
Cleo Arctic Star
Dusty Moon Arwen
Cloud Walker

Great names for a fast white horse

Moonbeam Diamond
Nimbus Blizzard
Fog Starlight
Moon Stratus
Princess Daisy
Moonlight Faith
Iris Pegasus
Dreamer Clara
Cirrus Camellia
Lily Twister
Moondance Peony
Arctic Jasmine
Orchid Wings
Nova Ghost
Coconut Snowdrop
Buttermilk Cream


How do you pick a name for a horse?

You can draw inspiration from your horse’s breed, appearance, or personality. You can also ask friends or look through books with names for horses.

Does my horse need a show name?

It is not always necessary to use your horse’s registered name as his show name. At many shows, you can choose what your horse’s show name is.

How do horse show names work?

Horse show names work like this: they can have no more than 18 letters, and spaces and punctuation counts as letters. Eighteen characters are acceptable (and is in fact a registered horse name).

What are the most common horse names?

The ten most popular male horse names are Jack, Charlie, Billy, Harry, Bailey, Alfie, George, Murphy, and Bobby. And Paddy is often in the top 10 list too.

How long can a horse’s name be?

No horse’s name can have more than 18 letters. Shutthefrontdoor, for example, does not have spaces in its name. Youlneverwalkalone is a horse that ran the Grand National in 2004 and it does not have all of the necessary letters in its name.


I hope you enjoy the list of fast horse names. Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below! Happy naming!

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