Feeding Oats to Miniature Horses: Things to Keep in Mind

It’s not uncommon for miniature horses to need a specialized diet.

One such example is oats, which can be given as a treat and also used as an ingredient in their feed. But what should you keep in mind when feeding oats to your miniature horse?

Let’s talk about this topic.

Can miniature horses eat oats?

Yes, you can feed miniature horse oats. But sweet feed or pellets would be optimal here.

You should feed mini’s oats to give them 2-3 cups every day. If you are changing the food that they are getting, start with a small amount first. You can also mix in other things like beet pulp if you want your horse to gain or maintain its weight.

But if your horse is sick, make sure you ask a vet before changing their food.

How to feed your mini

You need to have a plan and strategy if you want to feed your mini horse.

It is important for you and for the horse to be consistent. For minis, make sure that they get enough food like regular horses.

If you have hay, then use that. If you don’t, then use pasture. For some people, they might have both and they need the hay because when the minis eat too much in one place they get sick.

That’s why the owners need to keep them in separate places so they can do some exercises before eating. Horses always want to eat. They can eat too much if you don’t stop them from eating all the time.

One tip is to put hay in a high place and they will have to work hard and it will take longer for them to finish the hay.

Using grazing muzzles is also a consideration to keep in mind.

Mini horses do not need grain. We give all of our minis hay because we feed all the other horses hay. A mini horse should eat about 1 to 1.5 pounds of hay per day if they are just on hay.

If you put them out on pasture for part of the day, then adjust the amount of their hay to help them stay healthy and strong.

An interesting fact about mini horse’s body weight

Miniature horses tend to keep their weight and have a genetic predisposition for insulin resistance. They are also often overfed, which can make it hard to guess how much they should eat.

Knowing how much your mini weighs is important for feeding and taking care of him. You can’t measure his weight on a scale. You need to find out the average weight and use that number to feed him and give him medicine.

Other important things to remember

If your mini horse is losing weight, don’t make any drastic changes. Talk to your vet and see what they think.

There is no simple answer to why some  horses lose weight. They might have worms and need worming medication, they might eat too much because there are more hours of daylight in the spring or fall that make them more active, or they may need supplements like beet pulp.

Mini horses like to be outside, but it can be difficult because they need hay. If they eat too much grass and nothing else, then they might not get enough nutrients and develop health problems like colic and dental problems.

So make sure that you give them breaks from the pasture and that you also feed them hay.

It is hard to give a mini horse the same amount of food as a regular-sized horse. You can give them the same food, but you need to give it in smaller amounts so they can actually consume the foods.


Can you feed a horse just oats?

No, that’s not recommended. Your equines need additional nutrients and vitamins to be healthy.

Why oats might be bad for horses?

Some horses cannot eat oats. Horses that are prone to laminitis, or who have disorders like Cushings or PSSM, might be allergic to oats. These horses should not eat them because they can get an ulcer.

How much grain should I feed my mini horse?

Horses, no matter what type of breed, need 1-1.5 pounds of hay or pasture per 100 pounds of body weight every day.

Do miniature horses need grain?

Miniature horses can eat grain if they work very hard. But they do not need to eat a lot of it. Some miniature horses don’t even need it in their diet if they have enough grass and hay.

Are oats better for horses than sweet feed?

It can depend on the horse. That is why most people who have horses feed them oats sometimes, but they also need to give them other things too.

Do you have to soak oats for horses?

Soaking oats for horses can make them easier to digest. Soak oats, soaked for at least 24 hours in cold water. Then the oats become alive again and the horse can digest them better.

Drain the oats when they are done soaking and let them dry out for about 1 hour before feeding the horse.

Can oats cause colic in horses?

People have different ideas. Some people say that oats can cause colic in horses, but others think that they are safe.

High-grain diets can also make horses get unhealthy, so some people recommend feeding them a high-fat and high-fiber diet instead of straight grains.


So, your mini’s diet is very important to their health.

You need to plan out your strategy and execute it. Oats are good for them because they are easy on their digestive system.

They may also need supplements or vitamins depending on their health. For example, beet pulp can be helpful because it slows down the horse’s intake of food, which prevents colic and obesity in minis.

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