200+ Giant Horse Names For Your Big Horses (Male & Female)

Horses are remarkable creatures.

Not only do they make great pets and work animals, but they’re also beautiful to look at. If you have a horse that is particularly large in stature, then it makes sense to give him or her an equally impressive name.

This post will provide some inspiration for giant names for your horses (male & female).

Let’s get started.

Great names for giant female horses

In no particular order, here they are:

Beastie Liberty Daiki
Medusa Mama Vishal
Helga Cleopatra Raven
Pacifica Baleen Blue
Sable Katniss Justice
Fantasia Bertha Diana
Ookii Huntress Alaska
Kahuna Gerd Bestla
Mig Jinx Leia
Sahara Jolly Koa
Eureka Avalanche Amazonia
Grida Hera Skadi
Kouta Mystique Sequoia
Vixen Oni Juno
Arctic Athena Elektra
Sheba Xena Denali
Baroness Ursula

Great names for giant male horses

Try one of these great names and your big horse will love it.

Bozorg Tank Snuffy
Dane Thor Altas
Clifford Amazon Groot
Reis Polaris Zeus
Baloo Vader Hulk
Whale Marmaduke Beowulf
Boomer Spartacus Hagrid
Neptune Jupiter Big Ben
Giant Montaro Godzilla
Rion Samson Rambo
Titan Gunner Shrek
Yeti The Mountain Humphrey
Anzo The Hound Da-Xia
Harley Moby Everest
Hercules Caesar Bane
Buffalo Chewie Albion
Shamu Brutus

Names for big black horses

So catchy your friends will surely stand out from the crowd.

Spooky Eclipse Obsidian
Black Pearl Calligraphy Nightmare
Black Pearl Ebony Nightshade
After Dark Black Magic Panther
Mysterious Dark Velvet Black Beauty
Moonlight Dark Chocolate Blackie
Nebula Tapenade Black Diamond
Peppercorn Paint It Black Thunderstorm
Midnight Raven Mystery
Black Star Midnight Dark Knight
Slate Nightlight Dark Sunshine
Black Tie BlackJack Onyx
Ace of Spades Caviar Shadow
Shade Black Shadow Solar Eclipse
Black Beard Espresso Graphite
Midnight Express Blacksmith Imperial Black
Black Cloud Black Rose

Names for big white horses

As white as Snow White, yet strong and powerful.

Cloud Walker Shadow Dazzler
Aurora Borealis Snowball Snow
Tornado Socks Milky Way
Shadowfax Diamond Pearl
Heaven Silvermane Liberty
Dazzler Nimbus Ice Cube
Moonlight Platinum Diamond
Snow White Breeze Polar
Shiny Spurs Orchid Fantasy
Crystal Cloud Avalanche
Sterling Starlet Glacier
Hurricane White China Mercury
Snowstorm Luna Snowdrop
Angel Snowbird Tequila
Gemini Steele Spirit
Cotton Luna Fjord
Icy Ghost

How to come up with your own names for your big horses?

You can think about movies, mythology, pop culture, historical events, and characters, etc. when you are trying to find a name for your horse.

You can also think of your childhood memories, which will give your horse sentimental value and nostalgia. When you put some thought into it and use creativity, then many ideas will come to mind that you could name your horse.

If you still can’t decide on a name for your horse, try asking others for some ideas. Pick a name that fits your horse’s size, color, shape, and personality.


This list of 200+ giant horse names has been an invaluable resource for us. We hope it will be valuable to you, too. If there are any other big horses in your life that need a name, let this blog post help you find the perfect one.