How much does a Royer sword cost?

In spite of Kyle’s youth, IMO he’s one of the most talented knifemakers in the world today and his knives are VERY MUCH in demand. His knives run from around $500 to $10,000+.

Who is Kyle Royer?

Maker’s Mark Ep 4: Kyle Royer Interview!

What does it take to become an ABS Master Smith?

The applicant must have personally forged and performed all work on the test blade, with no other person physically assisting in its construction or heat-treating. The test knife must be a carbon steel forged blade with a maximum overall length of 15 inches, maximum width of 2 inches and blade length of 10 inches.

Who is the youngest master bladesmith?

Josh turned 14 at the Eugene Oregon knife show where he met other incredible knife makers, all too willing to share their talents and knowledge with Josh. At 15 years old, Josh passed the Journeyman bladesmith test in Atlanta, Georgia at the Blade Show. Josh became the youngest bladesmith to ever pass this test.

Is Burt Foster a master bladesmith?

These days, the 43-year-old Foster isn’t a mere dreamer, but a creator, a master bladesmith with a wit as sharp as his creations.

How much is a Bob Kramer knife?

America’s foremost knifesmith Bob Kramer has a beautiful one-of-a-kind hand-forged chef’s knife inspired by Dutch graphic artist MC Escher for sale, and it will only set you back $50,000.