How To Break A Mini Horse To Ride? (Pony & Miniature Horse)

This is what many people might think when they first see a mini horse.

You have probably seen them in movies or on TV, but now that it’s right in front of you, the intimidating size and build make you question your ability to break it.

But don’t worry! All it takes is patience and time to get the job done.

And in this post, we will take a look at how you can actually do so. Let’s do this.

How to break a mini horse to ride?

It’s important not to force the horse if it cannot bear more weight than it actually can.

Therefore an adult will find it difficult and very challenging for them in most cases since they’re much heavier for the horse to carry.

The best option here for riders is a child under 70 pounds. And both the child and the horse will need guidance from experienced adults at all times during training; this includes when mounted as well!

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Steps to break a mini horse to ride

To break your horse to ride, the first thing you’ll want is some training.

You can simply throw in and remove a light blanket so that it’s used going without one at all or with light loads on the back.

It may take time but as long as there are no high levels of stress involved then these animals won’t mind too much.

Once your little equine friend has gotten comfortable doing things this way, put up another Saddle for them both using everything needed including riders themselves.

Now when those steps have been taken care of congratulations because from here on out anything goes!

The child needs to be experienced in riding the horse, but even if not they can still get experience. The trainer will teach the kid how to ride a horse, starting with leading it and working up.

Do not worry. Miniature horses are very calm and easy to train, especially if you start training them when they are young. They will even be good friends to adults and children alike.

Thanks to these animals, it will be possible for both adults and children to ride horses. If you take the right approach with the horse, it will be calm and friendly.

Other FAQ’s

Can miniature horses be ridden?

Miniature horses can’t be ridden before they are three years old. I know it seems cute to put a small child on the back of a baby horse, but you should wait until they are mature, no matter how easy that might seem for the horse.

At what age can you break a mini horse?

You can usually break a horse to ride when they are between two and three years old. When the horse is this age, its joints are developed enough to handle the weight of the rider. If you break it too early, it will have problems as it gets older.

How many acres do you need for a miniature horse?

How much land do you need for a miniature horse? A quarter of an acre is the minimum, but large minis might need more. The smaller the space, the more likely your mini will have to have additional exercises.

What is the weight limit for a mini horse?

Horses can carry up to 20% of their weight. So, if a miniature horse weighed 350 pounds, it could carry 70 pounds including the saddle! For example, if the rider weighed less than 70 pounds, then they would be able to ride.

How many years do miniature horses live?

Miniature horses live for about 25 to 30 years maximum.

Does a mini horse need a companion?

A miniature horse can be a pet. Sometimes people say they are like livestock, but others say they are like pets if their owners keep them for recreation.

How much does a mini horse cost per month?

It can live in someone’s backyard. It can have three other horses on one acre. A person will need to keep them in a barn or dry lot with a run-in shed.

If you want to keep yours on the property, you will have to pay around $50-$150 per month in upkeep on average.

Can miniature horses eat grass?

Horses should eat 2-4 pounds of grass or hay each day. They should be given soft, leafy hay rather than a mature one. Horses should be fed at least one-third to one-half of a flake of good quality grass or alfalfa mixed hay twice every day.

Where do you put a saddle on a pony?

How do you put a saddle on a pony? A saddle should go on the horse’s back, over the withers. Put it backward and then check if it is balanced. If it is not, try to fix it until it is even.


It is worth remembering that a miniature horse has the same needs as any other animal, just on a smaller scale. They need love and care, which includes good nutrition and exercise.

The key to success with your miniature horse is understanding their size limitations – remember not to overload them or they will become unhappy quickly!

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