Top 7 Funny Horse Songs for Kids (Updated List)

It’s true that we all know the famous “Old McDonald Had a Farm” song, but what about these other funny horse songs for kids?

We found some oldies-but-goodies from years ago to help you sing along with your little one. Here is our favorite list.

1) Giddy Up You Can Do It!


2) Funny Horse Song | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs


3) Little Red – Horse Song for Kids, Children & Toddlers


4) Horses for Kids – Horse Song Nursery Rhymes by Blippi


5) Mary – Horse on the Farm


6) The Horse Song for Kids: Hop, My Pony Hop!


7) The Unicorn Song by Blippi


Why kids love these songs?

Horse songs are very entertaining to listen to

Horse songs are the most entertaining for kids. They keep them smiling and happy, so it’s no surprise that these types of music tend to be more popular with kids of early ages.

Horses are part of many children’s favorite TV shows and movies

That’s why children are always entertained by these songs.

Children love horses and they’re always happy to find out more about them on TV or in movies. Horse songs can be really catchy, so even if you don’t own one yourself it won’t take long before your favorite song starts playing inside of your head!

Children also love to sing along with the songs

This is such a great way to teach your little ones about music! They will get into it and even start singing along themselves.

You can also use this as an opportunity for bonding time with them because listening has been shown scientifically over and again, parent-child interaction in general; but singalong songs specifically; improves child moods which allows you two to enjoy quality family moments together while learning something new at the same time.

Many children grow up loving horses because they start spending time with them at an early age

Children grow up loving horses because they start spending time with them at an early age.

Many kids get to know how it feels of being on a horse from their parents, family friends who have horses, or even neighbors down the street that may own one!

Horse riding can give children plenty of opportunities for outdoor play along country roads while exploring nature’s beauty all around.

You don’t need any experience- just remember your safety gear like gloves and protective clothing.

Horse songs are easy for kids to learn

Horse songs are the perfect choice for kids who want to learn how to sing.

This makes it easier and more fun than trying out other types of music that they may be less familiar with, like classical or jazz- too difficult without any guidance!


For kids who love horses, these songs are sure to bring a smile.

The lyrics may be silly, but the tunes will get stuck in their heads for days! They might not know what they’re singing about (other than a horse), but it’s still fun and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you have an animal-loving child or grandchild, check out the playlist above of funny horse songs on YouTube today.